Apply for Human Services Funding

The 2022/23 application period for non-profit agencies interested in applying for human services grants to assist Manatee County residents should be announced in January 2022. 


Funder vs. Investor

The Funder

  • Invites submissions and selects from those applying.
  • Uses multiple criteria—including need, work plan, quality of proposal writing, evaluation design, etc., to select. May offer points for proposal sections.
  • Funds direct services, capacity-building, technology, etc. using the same approach.
  • Spends most of the time at “front end” making new grants

The Investor

  • Seeks to uncover all possible promising opportunities.
  • Answers three questions of each opportunity.
    • What are we buying?
    • What are the chances we will get it?
    • Is this the best possible use of our money?
  • Clearly distinguishes among investment in programs, innovations, and organizational growth.
  • Reserves considerable time for “back end” understanding results from past grants