Island Makes Room for Temp Biz Recovery Center

Island Library Makes Room for Temp Biz Recovery Center
Posted on 09/06/2018
UPDATE (AS OF SEPT 14): Please note that all Forty Carrots classes and Mahjong meetings at Island have been cancelled until October. In addition, Meditation (SEPT 15), the Tour the Digital Library class (SEPT 19) and book club (SEPT 20) have been cancelled. Other classes are moving to the main part of the library. 

As part of Manatee Libraries' commitment to helping the local community respond to urgent needs, the Island Library has cancelled select events in order to enable the U.S. Small Business Administration to open a Business Recovery Center in its conference room. Representatives will be on hand to assist small business owners who might be affected by red tide, starting tomorrow, Friday, September 7, at 11 AM and lasting until at least Friday, September 14.

The following classes have been cancelled: Forty Carrots Partners in Play, SEPT 7 & 14; Mah Jong, SEPT 7, 11 and 14; Seaside Gardens HOA Meeting, SEPT 12; and Alzheimer’s Support Group, SEPT 14.

The following classes have MOVED from the conference room to the main part of the library (no changes in date or time):
Origami & Lego Club, SEPT 8; BlockFest, SEPT 11; and Coloring Club, SEPT 12.

For further information, please contact Island Library at 778-6341