Common Issues & Questions

How to solve common problems with the CMS:

  1. Log out and log back in
  2. Review the common issues below
  3. Contact a Site Administrator


I can't log into the website

First, make sure you are logging in correctly.

  • Click “Website CMS Login” button on the Employee Login page
  • If a popup comes up, entering your email and password (same password as for anything else)
  • You should be taken to the homepage (you may be taken directly there without a popup if you’re already logged into something like your email)
  • Navigating to a page you have access to edit - you should now see the editing toolbar

Double check that you don’t have a gray toolbar in place of the black toolbar

Sometimes people randomly get switched to the “Classic” toolbar, which tends to blend into the browser and you might not notice it.

If that’s the case you can change back to the black toolbar by going to Help > Switch Toolbar

Screenshot of classic toolbar

I can't get to the "Properties" tab when adding an image

When you try to add an image without editing its properties, you'll get a popup telling you to add an alt tag.

If you click on the Properties tab on the right side of the Image Manager and see a blank screen, this is a zoom issue.

Zoom out in your browser and you should see the Properties fields.

To zoom out, push the COMMAND and minus (-) keys, or go to View > Zoom Out (depending on your browser).

I can't see the site properly in Internet Explorer

Manatee County Government has an internal security setting that affects the way the new website shows in Internet Explorer.

To fix this issue:

  1. Click the Settings cog in the right corner of IE and select Compatibility View settings
  2. Uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
  3. Click Close and refresh the page