Code of Conduct

Boarding the Bus

Buses make scheduled stops only at designated bus stops. As a bus approaches the stop, stand next to the bus stop sign. Ensure the driver sees you by waving to the driver, signaling your intention to board the bus.

If you are unsure about the bus’ destination, ask the driver before you board.

Have exact fare or an MCard bus pass ready when you board. Only U.S. coins and currency are accepted, and drivers do not carry change. If you do not have exact change, a change card will be issued to use on your next trip.

You may need to take more than one bus to reach your destination… For this, you may purchase a Day Pass from the operator which will allow you to travel on any bus within the MCAT system for 24 hours. Other passes are available from our Customer Service Centers.

NOTE: Do not fold, roll, tear, alter, mutilate or get the pass wet. If the pass is destroyed or rendered inoperable by the rider, the pass becomes void and a new paid fare will be required to continue traveling. MCAT drivers are not authorized to allow a customer to ride if the pass cannot be read by the fare box.

If you are visually impaired, or need help identifying your stop please inform the driver as you enter the bus, so the driver may announce your stop and ensure your exit at the proper time. It is helpful to sit toward the front of the bus if you need assistance.

MCAT Passenger Behavior Policy

To provide a quiet, comfortable transportation service, all passengers are expected to comply with certain rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in the police being called, the passenger being asked to leave the bus or bus stop area, and/or the passenger receiving a trespass order from the bus or bus stop area. Refusing to leave the bus or bus stop area when asked makes the person subject to arrest for trespass pursuant to Florida Statute 810.08.

  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • Service animals assisting special needs passengers are allowed on MCAT buses. Pets small enough to be carried and secured in either a cage or carrier designed for transporting animals or in a closed container are also welcome on MCAT buses. Animals must remain in their closed, secure cage, carrier or container while on board the bus.
  • Please, do not distract the driver.

Prohibited on all MCAT buses:

  • No open food or drink containers
  • No smoking, including electronic cigarettes
  • No weapons
  • No profanity or loud talking
  • No flammable or explosive material
  • No playing personal electronics without personal headphones
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No children in strollers

Passengers will be warned, directed to, and/or be required to leave a bus, bus stop or any MCAT facility if they:

  • Use abusive, profane or obscene language
  • Display lewd or indecent behavior
  • Are under, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics
  • Eat, drink or smoke on the bus
  • Solicit or attempt to buy/sell anything other than MCAT services
  • Distribute leaflets or post unauthorized notices
  • Talk above reasonable conversational tones
  • Lay on bus seats or put feet up on bus seats
  • Physically/verbally harass passenger/MCAT employees
  • Are not properly attired (shirt & shoes required) or emit offensive body or clothing odors
  • Bring animals other than service animals or pets small enough to be carried and secured in either a cage/carrier designed for transporting animals or in a closed container and/or do not keep the animal in their closed, secure cage/carrier/container while on board bus.

Behavior requiring police action:

  • Engaging in suspected illegal activities
  • Willfully destroying or damaging MCAT or other property
  • Engaging in fighting or threatening violence in buses, bus stops or MCAT facilities

Click here to view our Code of Conduct video.

Appeal Procedures

Any individual receiving a trespass order or directed to leave an MCAT bus or a bus stop area may, within three (3) business days following the trespass order or direction to leave, file a written appeal with the Transit Division Manager. The appeal must state why the trespass order or direction to leave was not in accordance with this policy. Once an appeal is received, a hearing will be scheduled within two business days and conducted within a reasonable timeframe. At the hearing, the individual may present his/her testimony and evidence supporting the appeal and the Transit Division may also provide testimony and evidence regarding the appeal.

After the hearing, the Transit Division Manager or his/her designee will provide a written response to the individual, granting or denying the appeal with explanation. The individual may dispute the determination of the Transit Division Manager or his designee by requesting a meeting with the Manatee County Public Works Department Director. The Director shall make a final determination which shall be communicated to the Transit Division and the individual making the appeal.

William Steele, Transit Division Manager
1108 26th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208