Information Outreach

The Information Outreach division of the County Administrator's Office oversees media relations and is responsible for distributing timely, accurate information about Manatee County Government. Information Outreach also works closely with Emergency Management officials to communicate updates to the public whenever hurricanes approach or severe weather threatens Manatee County. 

Information Outreach coordinates media interview requests, disseminates press releases and publicizes vacancies on the County Commission's advisory boards.

Information Outreach highlights the 70+ taxpayer-funded programs that serve and benefit the community using social media, news alerts, brochures, flyers, email blasts, videos, TV graphics and announcements. Information Outreach also oversees content on Manatee Government Access channel and on our website,

Information Outreach uses photography, video and drone footage to produce web videos and custom programs for our local government channel, MGA-TV.

Information Outreach also coordinates state legislative affairs for the Board of County Commissioners by serving as a liaison between the Commission and state leaders. The office reviews proposed legislation and reports the potential advantages or drawbacks to local government to Manatee County Commissioners, department directors and program managers.