Team Members

Email Us or Text Us: 941-234-0394

To reach the staff or departments listed below, first call (941) 748-5555, then dial the extension.  You can also email anyone on this list by clicking on their name.   

Library Administration

Lorrie See

Administrative Specialist

Lorrie See

ext. 6303


Elizabth Partidge, Library Services ManagerLibrary Services Manager

Elizabeth Partridge

ext. 6303

Library Services Assistant Manager

Tammy Parrott

ext. 6325

Jyna Johnson

Programming Coordinator

Jyna Johnson

ext. 6308


marketing specialist    Marketing

   Danielle Dankenbring

   ext. 6307


Mary Tischbein     Fiscal Analyst

     Mary Tischbein

     ext. 6302


Randy PierFiscal Specialist

Randy Pier

ext. 6389


Early Literacy & LITtle Discovery Center  

Jodie WilliamsCoordinator

Jodie Williams

ext. 3820

Circulation Services, Downtown Library

Chelsea BakerSupervisor

Chelsea Baker

ext 6321

Circulation Main Ext.: 6323

Information Services, Downtown Library

Ericka DowSupervisor

Ericka Dow

ext. 6311

Reference Desk ext. 6309

Youth Services, Downtown Library

Chris OharaSupervisor

Chris O'Hara

ext. 6319

Children’s Desk, ext. 6318

Braden River Library   

Cathy LairdSupervisor

Cathy Laird

ext. 6352

Island Library

Liz Williams     Supervisor

     Liz Williams

     ext. 6373

Palmetto Library

Megan Robinson     Supervisor

     Megan Robinson

     ext. 6342

Rocky Bluff Library

Hal HarmonSupervisor

Hal Harmon

ext. 6379


South Manatee Library

Linda Noyce


Janet Perea

ext. 6320

Technology and Support Services



ext. 6330

Courtney DeSear     Collection Development Librarian

     Courtney DeSear

     ext. 6333

Cindy ArdelleCataloger

Cindy Ardelle

ext. 6327