Fee Resolution

Resolution R-18-053 Fee Structure

Animal Welfare has traditionally provided several services to the citizens of Manatee County, many without a fee.

Impound fees differentiate non-sterilized dogs and cats from sterilized dogs and cats with the goal of educating the pet owner about spaying and neutering to help reduce pet overpopulation.

Owners of impounded dogs and cats have the option to adopt their own animal in lieu of paying redemption fees. This plan is intended to increase owner animal returns and to ensure the dog or cat is sterilized, thus further reducing pet overpopulation.
An adoption includes a health check, spay or neuter (sterilization), vaccinations including rabies, microchip with registration and an adoption kit.

If you turn in your own dog or cat, a fee is charged.  We encourage you to rehome your pet to a friend, relative or other person and use our shelter as a last resort.

Required license fees are also noted.

Download a copy of the Fee Resolution in .pdf format.

NOTE: The resolution is in .pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the information.