Affidavit of Complaint

Witness affidavits are an important part of the Animal Services Officer’s investigation.  The officer rarely is able to witness the violation and must rely upon your statement in order to conduct a complete investigation.

The witness affidavit is a sworn statement from the person who actually saw the event or violation.  In order for the officer to conduct a thorough investigation, a witness is necessary to give a statement as to the events leading up to and including the violation.

It is important to note a few things when filling out the affidavit. 

  •  You must actually witness the event or violation. 
  •  Focus on the facts of the event or violation. Hearsay is not admissible. If it is not related to the event, it is not necessary to write it in the affidavit.
  • It is your responsibility to fill out the affidavit completely and accurately.
  • Two affidavits from two people living at different residences is ideal. If you are unable to get a neighbor to fill out an affidavit, your affidavit and a photograph of the event will be alright.
  • The affidavit must be notarized. We have notary public available at our office if necessary.


This affidavit of complaint is in PDF format.  You may download the affidavit by clicking here, and, in your own words, fill out the affidavit in its entirety.