Septage Hauler

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Any business wishing to haul and discharge septage waste within Manatee County must apply for and obtain a permit from the Office of Industrial Compliance. A link to the permit application and instructions can by accessed on the Hauled Waste Program information page.

Septage Hauler Discharge Instructions

1. Along with your permit, you will receive an identification tag for each vehicle listed in your permit application. The tag must be placed on the inside of the bottom of the passenger side windshield. This will identify the vehicle’s license plate number, the permit number, and the expiration date of the permit. It is the responsibility of the septage hauler to properly display their tag. Failure to display the tag will result in the refusal to discharge at the designated discharge facility.


2. Prior to initial discharge, you must first check in with the authorized Manatee County representative at the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility who will provide instructions on the proper use of the Rotomat Machine. Manifest and instructions on how to complete them will be provided during the initial visit. Proper completion of the manifest forms is imperative for proper invoicing of each septic hauler. Manifests must be signed by a Manatee County Government representative prior to discharge. Failure to comply will result in an administrative surcharge and can result in refusal to discharge.


3. Immediately after discharging, clean-up of the discharge areas is required. Septage haulers failing to follow proper housekeeping procedures will face enforcement action up to and including monetary fines and/or permit revocation.


4. If problems are encountered during operations of the Rotomat Machine, immediately contact the authorized Manatee County Representative at the Southeast Water Reclamation Facility.


5. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. After hours and weekend discharge events can be authorized by calling (941) 714-7180. Name of company, discharge permit number, and approximate time of arrival must be provided. It is the responsibility of the septage hauler to obtain proper authorization (i.e., a Manatee County representative must sign the Manifest Form) prior to discharging. Unauthorized discharges may result in enforcement actions up to an including monetary fines and/or permit revocation.


6. The monthly Discharge Log Sheet must be completed and faxed to the Office of Industrial Compliance by the 5th of each month (941-795-3477 attention: Office Manager). The monthly Discharge Log Sheet is a complete record of each discharge event for the entire previous month. The log sheet will be reconciled to the manifest forms submitted by the septage hauler and notification of any discrepancies will be issued.


Note: Manatee County Utilities Department will not accept any Out-of-County septage or grease. Septage haulers in possession of obsolete "Out-of-County Septage Manifest Forms" should dispose of them immediately.