Reclaimed Water Authorized Uses

Reclaimed Water Do's and Don'ts

Recommended uses for reclaimed water:

  • To irrigate parks, golf courses, medians and residential lawns. 
  • Tto irrigate citrus, pasture lands and other crops. 
  • Rapid infiltration basins can be used to allow high-quality reclaimed water to soak into the ground to recharge valuable ground water. 
  • Industrial facilities and power plants can use reclaimed water as a source of water for cooling, or for some manufacturing processes. 
  • To create, restore, or enhance wetlands. 
  • Supplied to fire hydrants and sprinkler systems for fire fighting. In Manatee County, fire hydrants connected to reclaimed water lines are painted a distinctive lavender. 
  • Used in decorative ponds, fountains and other landscaping features. 
  • Sprinkled at construction sites or other places to reduce dust.

Do not use reclaimed water for:

  • Consumption: Neither humans nor animals should drink reclaimed water.
  • For toilet flushing or other household uses.
  • Connecting with another water source.
  • Bathing or swimming. 
  • Above-ground hose bibs, faucets, quick couplers or hoses, etc.
  • Filling swimming pools.
  • Sharing a common reclaimed service or connection between properties.
  • Washing of equipment such as cars, boats, driveways or structures.


If you prefer to review this information in a brochure format, please download our Use It Again, Manatee! pamphlet.



Special Use Permits

Homeowners wishing to use reclaimed water for purposes other than irrigation of landscape, plants, and turf grass, must submit a request for evaluation and approval to:


Reclaimed Water Section
Utilities Department
4410 66th St. W.
Bradenton, FL 34210



Follow the Rules

Where reclaimed water is used, all of the non-permitted uses listed above are violations of state law and/or county ordinances or policies, and may be subject to financial penalties as well as interruption of service.