Single Stream FAQ

  • What is Single Stream Recycling?

    Single stream recycling is a recycling process in which all materials collected for recycling are mixed together with no sorting required. Now your aluminum cans and plastic bottles can be recycled all together with newspaper, cardboard and other recyclable items.

  • Why Single Stream?

    It is a popular and effective method to collect and process recyclables. Converting to a Single Stream program increases overall participation and the amount of recyclables collected. It is a recommended strategy of reaching the 75% recycling goal before 2020.

  • Where do all of my recyclables go?

    Once collected from your curb, anything that is picked up becomes the property and responsibility of the waste haulers. Your recyclables are taken to the sorting facilities owned by Waste Management or Waste Pro for processing and recycling.

  • Can I keep my old 18-gallon bins?

    Yes. However, If you don’t want to keep your bins, place them out at your curb and they will be collected and recycled. Once you’ve received your new cart, please start using it immediately instead of the 18-gallon blue bins. The 18-gallon bins will not be collected once we begin Single Stream recycling.

  • What items can go in my new recycling cart?

    All materials currently collected will be collected in the Single Stream program. An educational label has been created for easy reference and is on the lid of each cart. NO GARBAGE OR YARD WASTE IS TO BE PUT INTO THE CART!

  • What does “Recycle All Together – Recycle Right!” mean?

    With no sorting required, your household recyclables are placed all together into the same cart. In addition, we as a community will ‘Recycle All Together’ to reach the 75% goal and create a more sustainable Manatee County. ‘Recycle Right’ is the national campaign initiative created to improve recycling education and awareness. It specifically details the right way to recycle and emphasizes what items can/can’t be recycled.

  • Will my collection day change?

    No. Your collection day will remain the same as it currently is.

  • Will my hauler change?

    No. Your hauler will remain the same as it currently is.