Uncollected Recycling

Image Uncollected Recycling

Please review the list below for possible reasons your recycling was not picked up. If you are in compliance with each of the requirements below please call customer service at 941-792-8811 to request assistance with pick up of your recycle items.

Possible Reasons Your Recycling Was Not Picked Up:

Not at curb by 6:00AM

Wet or soiled paper (paper towels)


Not within 3 feet of curb or 3 foot clearance on all sides of cart


Styrofoam or foam products


Trash or Yard Waste in your recycling cart

Unacceptable containers (plastic containers other than plastic bottles and jugs, unemptied containers, plastic buckets ceramics, dishes, pottery)

Unacceptable plastic (plastic cups, eating utensils, plastic bags, food wrap, plastic toys, plastic hangers)



Unacceptable glass (mirrors, windows, drinking

glasses,  eye glasses)

Non-recyclable paper (greasy pizza boxes, greasy fast food bags or wrappers, paper plates, or cups, waxed paper, food service paper, tissues, napkin, carbon paper)

Hazardous or medical waste


Other unacceptable metals, (greasy foil, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, appliances, auto parts)


Items packed too tightly. Cardboard and large recycle items packed/jammed into container