Water Smart

In the spring, fall and winter, residents use more than 50 percent of their drinking water on their landscapes. Start using the following steps and you will not only save water but keep a lush landscape.

Water Smart and Maintain a Beautiful Landscape

Water appropriately - Don't drown your yard. Water according to your landscape's needs to keep your lawn healthy and to save water. Check out lawn and plant watering tips.  You can create a beautiful, lush landscape without grass. It is called Florida Friendly Landscape, and it is the water-smart choice in Florida.


Call the Extension Service Experts - Manatee County Extension Service experts will provide free watering guides, on-site home irrigation and landscape evaluations for improved water use efficiency. Call 941-722-4524.


Plant grass only where it's used - If you walk on your grass only when you mow the lawn, you might consider reducing the amount of turf. Save grass for the appropriate places and plant water-efficient trees, shrubs and plants. Upgrading grass to xeriscape will save water, reduce maintenance time and increase beauty and diversity in your landscape. You could also qualify for a Landscape Retrofit Rebate.


Check sprinkler and drip systems weekly - Check after mowing to make sure water is reaching grass and plants instead of the driveway or sidewalk. View a detailed chart of the water cycle and how everyday activities affect it.


Water in the early morning - Set your irrigation timer to water before sunrise to avoid water loss from wind and evaporation. This will also prevent violation of watering restrictions.


Water on schedule - Water grass in three short cycles, typically no more than five minutes each cycle, to avoid wasteful runoff. To find out what is best for your landscape, start with the watering guide and adjust as needed.