Frequently Asked CWA Questions

  • Why is Manatee County Utilities changing their online customer access?

    We are upgrading Banner, our customer information system.  Inclusive in this upgrade is the opportunity to implement a new online customer web access (CWA) system. We believe this new system will greatly improve our customer’s online experience when managing their Utility account.


  • What can I expect as a current Online Account Management (Passport) user?

    Upon implementation of CWA, the Online Account Management system will no longer be available for use. All Utility customers that wish to use online services will need to re-register, even if they are current Online Account Management users. In addition, any previously saved payment method information will need to be re-entered.

  • When will Online Account Management (Passport) no longer be available?

    On JUNE 21st Customer Web Access (CWA) will replace the Manatee County Passport application for online access to your utilities account.

    All customers with online access to their account will have to register with CWA even if you previously registered through Passport. At the time of registering, the primary account holder’s driver’s license and last four digits of their social security number will be used to verify the account. You will need to call Customer Service at 941-792-8811 (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) to confirm that all information is up-to-date and accurate in our system. This can NOT be done by email.

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  • What can I do to prepare for CWA?

    In order to register for a CWA account, all users will need to enter the last four digits of the primary account holder's driver’s license number as well as the last four digits of their social security number for account verification. This information will need to be accurate in our customer information system at the time you set up a CWA account. To ensure your information is protected in our system, we will collect and encrypt your driver’s license number. We will also collect the last four numbers of your social security number. Please verify that we have the correct information in our system before signing up for CWA by contacting Customer Service at 941-792-8811 prior to attempting to sign up.

  • What types of improvements will I see with CWA?

    ·        Mobile friendly access

    ·        Improved navigation

    ·        Customer profile management

    ·        Creation of payment arrangements


  • What if I have more questions?

    Please contact Customer Service at 941-792-8811.