Utility Rates

Current Water and Sewer Rates

Your monthly water and sewer charges are composed of two parts:  The Base Charge and the Quantity Charge. The base charge and quantity charge for each category are shown separately on the monthly bill.


The Base Charge for water and wastewater is a fixed charge and is determined by meter size and/or number of units.  It covers the cost of services that must be provided regardless of usage, such as Meter Reading, Billing and Customer Service, as well as fixed costs at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.


The Potable Water Quantity Charge applies to the amount of water used per month and is expressed in thousands of gallons (kgal).   This charge covers the cost of operating the potable water distribution system and variable costs at the Water Treatment Plant, such as chemicals and electricity.


The Wastewater (Sewer) Quantity Charge is based on 100% of water usage, and the maximum monthly wastewater charge for residential individually metered customers is capped at 10,000 gallons of potable water consumption.  This charge covers the cost of operating the wastewater collection system and variable costs at the three Wastewater Treatment Plants, such as chemicals and electricity. 


Current rates for the following services may be viewed by clicking the links below:

2018 Rates Effective April 1, 2018




Current Solid Waste (Garbage) Rates

Waste Management and Waste Pro provide solid waste and recycling services to unincorporated Manatee County.   Their franchise agreement covers the pickup and removal of solid waste, yard waste and recyclable materials.


Current rates for Residential curbside and non-curbside collection, Multi-Family, White Goods and Commercial services may be viewed by clicking the following link:


Example of a Typical Monthly Water / Sewer / Garbage Bill for Single Family Residential Customers 2017



Water Usage
in Gallons
Water /
Sewer Charge 
Garbage Pick-up
Monthly Bill
 $ 72.93




Facility Investment Fee Schedule

Facility investment fees are the capital costs of the facilities necessary to distribute or collect and treat the volume purchased by a typical customer in each class of customer.


Retail facility investment fees by customer classification.

  Classification Potable Water FIF Wastewater FIF
(1) Residential, single-family Meter size FIF Meter size FIF
(2) Residential, multifamily $1,345.00 per unit $2,028.00 per unit
(3) Mobile home $1,345.00 per unit $2,028.00 per unit
(4) Travel trailer Meter size FIF Meter size FIF
(5) Hotel or motel Meter size FIF Meter size FIF
(6) Commercial and industrial Meter size FIF Meter size FIF
(7) Large user $7,164.00 per 1,000 gallons of reserve capacity per day $14,414.00.00 per 1,000 gallons of reserve capacity per day
(8) Combined commercial and residential* $1,345.00 per unit plus meter size FIF $2,028.00 per unit plus meter size FIF
(9) Combined commercial and hotel or motel Meter size FIF Meter size FIF

*Must be separately metered.



Retail facility investment fees by meter size.

Meter Size
(in inches)
⅝ X ¾ $  1,970.00 $  3,027.00
¾    2,955.00    4,541.00
1    4,925.00    7,568.00
1 ½    9,850.00   15,135.00
2   15,760.00   24,216.00
3   31,520.00   48,432.00
4   49,250.00   75,675.00
6   98,500.00  151,350.00
8  157,600.00  242,160.00
10  226,550.00  348,105.00
Over 10 $7.164 per gallon
per day
$14.414 per gallon
per day


Facility investment fees are paid during the building permit application process and therefore are paid to the local jurisdiction issuing the building permit.



Facility Investment Fee Ordinance



Current Rate Resolutions and Ordinances

For more detail regarding Manatee County Utility Rates, please access the following links to the current rate resolutions for Water, Sewer and Solid Waste, as well as the governing ordinance for Water and Sewer.  All documents are in Adobe .pdf format.

  • Ordinance 10-70: Facility Investment Fee Ordinance
  • Ordinance 14-09: Governing ordinance regarding rates, fees and charges for water and sewer
  • Ordinance 13-35: Cross Connection Backflow Prevention Ordinance
  • Ordinance 15-22: Wastewater Facility Investment Fee Ordinance
  • R14-23: Cross Connection Control (Backflow) Rate Resolution
  • R14-155: 2016 Water/Wastewater (Sewer) Rate Resolution
  • R17-002: 2017 Water/Wastewater (Sewer) Rate Resolution
  • R17-003: 2018 Water/Wastewater (Sewer) Rate Resolution
  • R15-56: 2015 Solid Waste (Garbage) Rate Resolution
  • R15-55: Solid Waste Landfill Tipping Fees Resolution