Manatee Mobility Plan 2035

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What is the Manatee Mobility Plan – 2035 and why is it being conducted?

A prior effort (The Transportation Curve Study) to evaluate long term (30 years) transportation needs of the County, and identify when those needs were required in relation to the population growth of the County, did not result in Board of County Commissioners action to proceed with its implementation. Considerable changes have occurred after the prior study effort, among them being a slowdown in population and economic growth, anticipated regional air quality regulations, excessive right of way and roadway construction costs, and increasing congestion with consideration of transit solutions.


The purpose of this study and resultant mobility plan is to examine the anticipated roadway conditions for the year 2035 and interim years relative to the Future Traffic Circulation Map. The information will be used to develop a transportation infrastructure plan with planning level costs by transportation benefit district and the County as a whole. The information will serve as a base for the review, evaluation, and preparation of revised transportation impact fees for the County.
The study will evaluate the interrelationships of the currently planned land use pattern and alternative land use pattern assumptions with the future traffic circulation map. This will be accomplished by the development of up to five alternative land use scenarios using the same anticipated future population and employment control totals throughout the study process. 
The alternative land use scenarios may include a reduction in future development intensity in planning areas where roadway level of service objectives or connections cannot be achieved, or a reconfiguration of future land uses may encourage more mixed land uses in support of expanding multi modal transportation options, where appropriate. 
Interim years to 2035 will be identified to estimate when the improvements associated with each scenario will be needed. The land use scenarios will be tested against the transportation networks identified for each scenario to determine if the improvement is needed by the interim year or if the need is in an outer year. The information will then be applied to a larger effort to update Manatee County’s transportation impact fees.
The study is currently underway and is anticipated to be completed by mid May 2010. A Board of County Commissioners workshop is anticipated midway through the study process, with a public hearing upon completion of the study.

What does this mean for transportation in Manatee County?

When this study is finished, there will be an opportunity to review different future land use scenarios and their transportation needs and costs to assist in future urban development decisions. This review will also provide a general timeline for transportation improvements and help guide development rather than react to it. Improvements will be mostly funded by impact fees and constructed in response to the demand as they appear within the interim years.


What's Next?

Future Public Workshop(s)/Additional events to be determined.

Presentation to Board of County Commissioners in mid-May.


How do I provide comment and get project updates?

Please email comments directly to Bob Agrusa (, Manatee County Public Works Department Comments will be posted on this website as well. For questions regarding this plan contact Bob Agrusa at (941)748-4501, extension 7420. Email Bob to also be included on future email updates to this project.

Manatee Mobility Plan – 2035 Documents

Please be advised this project is in the early stages of data gathering and assembly, and preparation for transportation modeling. Our goal is to share our progress with the public as we proceed through the planning process.
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Project History

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