Traffic Operations

Image Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations is responsible for sign installation and maintenance, pavement marking, and construction and maintenance of traffic signals at more than 213 State and County intersections, along with over 2,700 street lights within the County road system.

Traffic Operation services are provided in the form of plan review, recordkeeping and operational support via signs, signals, and pavement markings.  Staff also maintains the County residential and thoroughfare street lighting program.


The following services are provided by this Division of the Public Works Department:


  • Installs, operates, maintains and replaces traffic signals and the traffic control system, school flashers, and flashing beacons;
  • Installs, operates, maintains and replaces traffic signs;
  • Installs, operates, maintains and replaces roadway lighting and pavement markings;
  • Installs and maintains mobile traffic signals for emergency deployment and lane closures; 
  • Maintains, operates, and deploys mobile Variable Message Boards (VMBs) for public information related to traffic issues and events;
  • Assists, as needed, in the response to emergency situations such as traffic accidents and storm events, responds to traffic signal and sign emergencies/failures;
  • Maintains 20 permanent traffic count stations;
  • Administers the residential, thoroughfare and intersection street lighting program;
  • Reviews Development Review Committee and Capital Improvement Program projects;
  • Reviews requests for "No Parking" signs [more]
  • Maintains 43 UPS and 51 emergency traffic signal power stations;
  • Installs, maintains and replaces variable message boards.


Please call 941-708-7510 to submit a service request regarding traffic issues.