Traffic Counts (AADT)


The Manatee County Traffic Engineering Division started its annual Traffic Counts Program in 1975. Traffic count locations were selected based on recommendations from the Public Works and Planning Departments. Currently, 293 individual traffic counts are collected throughout Manatee County.


The traffic data is presented in a standard Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) format. The AADT represents the number of vehicles that pass a given point on an average day. The estimated AADT is computed by taking a 24-hour, bi-directional traffic count and adjusting it with factors provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to account for seasonal variations.
Local, state and federal officials, engineering firms, transportation planners, and many other organizations use the AADT data. The traffic data is used to conduct traffic impact studies for new developments, analyze existing traffic demands on Manatee County’s roads, and identify ways to improve traffic flow and safety.
View the traffic data collected by the Traffic Engineering Division. The data is updated annually. Additionally, information is also available on state roads within Manatee County. This information is provided by the Florida Department of Transportation.
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