Regional Traffic Management Center



In May 2005, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Manatee County, Sarasota County, the City of Sarasota and the City of Bradenton entered into an Interlocal Agreement for cooperation and coordination in the operation of a unified regional Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). The agreement provides that each party would bear a proportional share of the ongoing operational costs of the Regional Traffic Management Center, with the basis for proportional share being population numbers from the most recent census data available.


As a result, the Sarasota-Manatee Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC), located within Manatee County’s Public Safety Complex, was created.


Thanks to a state-of-the art communication network, provided by several hundreds of miles of single-mode fiber optics cable deployed throughout the Sarasota-Manatee geographical area, the RTMC is currently connected to:


459 Traffic Signals

199 Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

136 Vehicle Video Detection Cameras (VDS)

60 Microwave Based Vehicle Detection Devices (MVDS)

26 Travel Time Bluetooth Devices

4 Arterial Dynamic Message Signs

10 Servers

5 Cisco Catalyst Switches

More than 220 Ethernet Switches


The RTMC staff uses these tools to monitor traffic conditions and traffic incidents, manage network related devices and their communications as well make any necessary traffic signal timing adjustments.


The RTMC Operators are always on the look-out and ready to respond to incidents and congestion events that happen along both Counties arterial roadway system. Incidents are detected using several sources and verified using the available devices connected to the RTMC; consequently, pertinent information are promptly provided to the appropriate maintaining Agency. In response to the provided information, each jurisdiction’s Traffic Engineering staff has the ability, through the use of to the RTMC central software, to remotely make traffic signal timing changes to alleviate traffic congestion and help clear the way for law enforcement, fire and rescue vehicles during emergencies. 


In early August 2014, a new subsystem, a complete functional Backup Traffic Management Center (TMC) was added to the existing RTMC network. Located in the Manatee County Public Works Department building which is approximately 3 miles from the existing RTMC, this Backup TMC provides a complete functional TMC during an emergency event that would require all the essential staff at the RTMC to evacuate the existing facility and operate remotely to provide continued TMC operations. The Backup TMC with its ability to remotely handle all necessary operational functions of the RTMC is an essential component of the Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan for the Regional Traffic Management Center.


In November 2014, FDOT completed the deployment of a freeway management system along Interstate 75 that included center-to-center connectivity between FDOT District 1 TMC and the Sarasota Manatee RTMC. Therefore, the RTMC is also serving as FDOT’s satellite South West Interagency Facility for Transportation (SWIFT) SunGuide Center.


Mission Statement: The Sarasota Manatee Traffic Management Center will provide an enabling environment for all stakeholders to collaborate and share information resulting in a combined, systematic approach to traffic operations and traffic incident response.






Manatee County’s continuing leadership and innovation in the advancement of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Advanced Traffic Management Systems have been recognized by prestigious professional institutions with the following Awards:


ASCE – Project of the Year – 2012

ITS Florida – Outstanding Achievement Award – 2013

ITE – TBITE Project of the Year - 2013

ITS Florida – Outstanding Achievement Award - 2014


ITE – John W. Barr - District 10 Transportation Achievement Award – 2015






Future Projects:


Technology is a rapidly changing frontier with improved hardware, specifications and standards introduced on a regular basis. Therefore Manatee County staff is always on the look-out to review and apply the latest technology that has been demonstrated to be beneficial to the improvement of traffic flow and traveler safety.  


The application of the Manatee County Emergency Vehicle Signal Priority System, which will enhance emergency response for law enforcement, fire and rescue, is currently being investigated for implementation.


The development of the RTMC Traveler Information website, which will provide real-time information pertaining, among the others, traffic congestion, average speed and incident conditions, is also being investigated.


Bluetooth devices will be installed on the Manatee County arterial roadway system to obtain arterial travel time information.


The adoption of additional positions to support the expanding role of the RTMC is also being discussed.


Furthermore, Manatee County is planning on expansion of the current fiber optics network system and the addition of CCTV Monitoring Cameras and other Detection System Devices throughout the County to allow for a larger coverage area of the ITS application.