Traffic Engineering

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Traffic Engineering designs and reviews of traffic plans for intersections, signing and marking, signals and traffic calming. The division is also responsible for traffic signal timing, traffic signal controller maintenance and communication.

Division staffers collect and analyze traffic data (crash histories, traffic volume counts etc.), and they conduct traffic studies. This division also represents the County's interest in the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) projects which will incorporate most of the County's traffic signals into the Traffic Management Center (TMC).

Traffic Systems Section

The mission of the Traffic Systems Section is to establish and maintain communications between traffic signals, video monitoring stations, variable message signs and the Traffic Management Center (TMC); and to establish and maintain safe and efficient traffic signal timing plans.


This section is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of traffic flow through coordinated traffic signal systems.  This includes designing traffic timing plans to meet the minimum efficiency requirements established for the roadway, implementing and testing the timing plans, and maintaining the timing plan database.  Furthermore, this section monitors traffic conditions and intersection controllers via the Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) real time video monitoring system and the system network to make adjustments where needed.


In order to maintain successful coordination of the traffic signal systems, this section also installs and maintains various communication network devices.  This includes real time video monitoring, alarm monitoring and remote system programming and updates.


If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact Mukunda Gopalakrishna at 941-749-3500, Ext. 7813, or e-mail


Traffic Information Systems Section

The mission of the Traffic Information Systems Section is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic, pedestrians and cyclists within Manatee County.  In order to accomplish this mission, the group is organized to provide accident analysis, conduct traffic engineering studies, coordinate traffic calming activities, collect traffic data, as well as any other traffic/transportation related special projects.  In an effort to describe the functions and responsibilities of the Traffic Information Systems Section, the following is provided:


This section manages and maintains the Accident Reporting System for Manatee County.  The Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 83-34, which declared the Traffic Engineering Division as the Central Accident Reporting Agency for Manatee County.  All crash reports in Manatee County are entered into the Accident Reporting System.  This system creates up-to-date reports that are used to analyze crash history at locations throughout Manatee County.  The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), independent engineering firms, transportation officials, law enforcement agencies and others use the crash reports compiled by the Traffic Information Systems Section.


In addition, this section is responsible for performing traffic engineering studies and field investigations.  In fact, state law requires traffic engineering studies before the installation of many traffic control devices.  The Traffic Information Systems Section conducts a variety of traffic engineering studies which include: multi-way stop studies, signal warrant studies, left turn signal warrant analysis, turning movement studies, safe curve speed studies, intersection delay studies, vehicle speed studies, vehicle gap size studies, pedestrian volume count studies, no-passing zone studies and vehicular classification studies.  As a result, a wide variety of traffic concerns are analyzed and, when warranted, staff recommends the installation of passive and active traffic control devices which include signs, pavement markings and traffic signals.  To request a traffic study, please contact Jeff Bishop at 941-749-3500, Ext. 7815, e-mail


Also, this section performs traffic calming activities within Manatee County.  Further information can be found at the link Traffic Calming.  In addition, staff utilizes speed awareness devices which are an effective temporary device to warn motorists of their existing speeds.  Speed awareness devices are placed throughout Manatee County on a weekly basis.  To request periodic placement of these devices within your neighborhood, please contact Jeff Bishop at 941-749-3500, Ext. 7815, e-mail


Furthermore, the Traffic Information Systems Section collects traffic counts throughout Manatee County.  Staff collects traffic data at 20 continuous, permanent count stations, and 293 other locations using portable counters.  Additional information can be found at the link Traffic Counts.


If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please contact Jeff Bishop at 941-749-3500, Ext. 7815.