Current Road Closures

Below is a listing of County roads which are currently closed or under construction in Manatee County. This page is frequently updated as information becomes available.

  • COUNTY-WIDE motorists are asked to use caution in the vicinity of any utility pole upgrade projects.  FPL is undergoing a major retrofit of trunk distribution power lines across the County, and occasional lane closures and delays in these areas should be anticipated.  Please use caution.


  • On Sunday, Oct 23rd, there will be intermittent lane closures at the intersection of 53rd Ave W and 34th St W.  The closures will start at 9 PM and last for up to 4 hours.  Please use caution and obey all traffic signs. 


  • Starting week of October 3rd, there will be a County project that consists of a new forcemain being installed along the west side of Rye Rd.  This will be starting near SR 64 and working north towards Gene Witt Elementary.  Please use caution and obey all work zone signs.


  • At 44th Ave E, just west of White Eagle Blvd, there will be a road repair starting the week of Oct 17th.  The westbound traffic on 44th Ave E will be diverted onto the eastbound lane, south side of the median for a short distance.  This diversion may last up to two weeks.  Please use caution.


  • At Ft. Hamer Rd, Golf Course Rd, and Mulholland Rd, motorists should use caution and expect possible delays, as this section of roadway is undergoing an upgrade in anticipation of the new Ft. Hamer bridge crossing, which will be open early 2017.  For further information please visit the official Ft. Hamer Bridge project website:




  • Lockwood Ridge Rd just south of SR 70 will be impacted by a right turn lane expansion that includes a watermain and other utility relocations.  Drivers are asked to use caution and expect possible delays


  • 51st St W will be closed February 8th until October for a new gravity system replacement project, from 9th Ave Dr W to 18th Ave W.  Detours will be in place, and drivers are asked to use caution and expect possible delays.  Please see link for more informationmymanatee-author/dms/departments/public-works/road-closure-documents/51stStGravitySewerPh2-Update/51stStGravitySewerPh2.Update.pdf
  • NOTE: The section of work currently underway has 51st St W closed from 15th Ave W to 19th Ave W.  Drivers are asked if coming northbound from Cortez to please use 21st Ave W and detour to 59th or 43rd.
  • Drivers coming southbound from Manatee Ave are asked to detour at 11th Ave W or 9th Ave W to get to 59th or 43rd.  Please use CAUTION and obey all posted speed limits in residential areas.



  • Tallevast Rd from the post office west to 15th St E (Old 301) will be undergoing the addition of a new sidewalk and storm improvements starting April 15th.  The road will be reduced to one lane at times with flagging operations.  Please use caution and expect possible delays.


  • 53rd Ave W is undergoing widening and utility improvements from approximately 51st St W to 75th St W.  Please use caution when in the area. 


  • 16th Ave E (Canal Rd) will be shut down to one lane, and also fully closed (intermittently) starting now until November, for a 16"waterline and service installation.  Please use caution and follow posted detour routes.  Also please note there will be a lane and partial closure of the intersection at Exp Farm Rd and Canal Rd, starting Oct 6th.  See this link for more information:  mymanatee-author/dms/departments/public-works/road-closure-documents/CanalRdClosure.pdf


  • 63rd Ave E from Tuttle to Prospect will be undergoing construction starting August 12th and lasting several months.  This is for a watermain replacement project.  Intermittent lane closures will be in effect, please use caution and plan alternative routes.




FDOT Roadway Updates:


Sunshine Skyway South Fishing Pier: Construction project: Crews are repairing barrier wall at the end of the south Skyway Fishing Pier. Work occurs during daytime hours.  The fishing pier will remain open during this project. Expected completion is late fall 2016.  The contractor is Coastal Marine Construction, Inc.

I-75 (SR 93) / University Parkway Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) (Sarasota/Bradenton):  Construction Project:


Temporary intermittent single and double lane closures are in place at night/overnight on northbound and southbound I-75 Sunday, October 16 through Thursday, October 20 between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. Double lane closures begin at 11 p.m. Watch for lane shifts and temporary single and double lane closures on the I-75 on and off-ramps between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.


Temporary intermittent single and double lane closures are in place at night/overnight on eastbound and westbound University Parkway from Cooper Creek Blvd. to Market Street Sunday, October 16 through Thursday, October 20, between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Double lane closures begin at 10 p.m.


The contractor is widening the bridge at Foley Creek and Errie Creek, installing water main and storm drain throughout the project, excavating earth material, constructing the southbound bridge at I-75/University Parkway, driving piles at the I-75/University Parkway, reconstructing the median on University Parkway, installing/relocating lighting, and constructing MSE walls. Watch for trucks entering and leaving the highway. Watch for changes in the speed limit. Speeding fines double when workers are present. Crews are working during the day on Saturday.


Improvements being made as part of this project consist of constructing a diverging diamond interchange, adding an auxiliary lane on northbound and southbound I-75, constructing new bridges on  I-75 over University Parkway, widening of University Parkway, widening of I-75 bridges over Errie Creek and Foley Creek, realignment of on-ramps and off-ramps at I-75/University Parkway, addition of ponds, drainage improvements, new lighting and signalization, construction of a noise wall on the west side of I-75, sidewalks, bike lanes, and pedestrian walkways. Expected completion is fall 2017. The contractor is Prince Contracting, LLC. For additional information, please visit the project website at


I-75 at the I-275 and Moccasin Wallow Road Interchanges: Construction project: Crews are installing new high-mast lighting. Expect possible nighttime/overnight lane closures from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Highway Safety Devices, Inc. is the contractor. Expected completion is early 2017.


US 301 from CR 675 to Moccasin Wallow Road: Construction project: Crews are widening the roadway to a four-lane divided highway; constructing sidewalk; installing highway lighting; constructing medians, and improving drainage. Crews are working Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Intermittent outside lane closures expected for remaining items of work.  Expected completion is late October 2016.


Business US 41 at the Green Bridge and along Riverside Drive: Construction project: Crews are constructing a shared use path and sidewalk; improving drainage; installing new decorative lighting; paving the parking lot and constructing new parking spaces with architectural pavers; installing new signing and pavement markings, and installing landscaping with a new irrigation system. There will be no lane closures at signalized intersections between 6 a.m. – 8 a.m. and from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Expect single lane closures on Riverside Drive while the contractor is working on the drainage. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures on US 41 between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. The east and west parking areas remain closed. Estimated completion is fall 2016. The contractor is Douglas N. Higgins, Inc.  


SR 789 between 28th Street and State Road 64: Maintenance permit project: Crews for FPL are working along the roadway. Expect daytime lane closures from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The east and westbound right turn lanes at the intersection of SR 64 and SR 789 are also closed during those times. Southbound traffic is being diverted to 28th Street using 6th Avenue and Avenue E.


SR 789 from Broadway Street to North Shore Road: Construction project: Crews are constructing new sidewalk and pedestrian crossing; improving drainage; installing new lighting, and new signing and pavement markings. Pedestrians should expect sidewalk closures while crews are working. A temporary sidewalk will be constructed at North Shore Road to accommodate pedestrians when sidewalk closures are in effect. Motorists should expect possible daytime single lane closures and flagging operations. Estimated completion is end of the year. The contractor is MTM Contractors.


SR 70 east of Lorraine Road: Maintenance permit project: Crews are constructing driveways and resurfacing the roadway. Expect intermittent daytime east and westbound lane closures controlled by flaggers from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Use caution and expect possible delays.


SR 70 from 301 Boulevard to Tara Boulevard: Construction project: Crews are resurfacing the roadway and making signal upgrades. Expect daytime and/or nighttime/overnight lane closures while crews are working. Expected completion is late summer 2017. The contractor is Superior Asphalt, Inc.


SR 64 between 7th Street West and 5th Street West: Utility project: Crews are locating utilities along SR 64 between 7th Street West and 5th Street West. Expect nighttime/overnight lane closures from 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sunday, October 17. Use caution and expect possible delays.