Section Responsibilities

Image Section Responsibilities

For assistance with any of the below duties, please call us at 941-708-7497

The Road Maintenace Section's primary functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Road surface maintenance, pothole patching and spot section road asphalt overlays.
  • Reconstruction of damaged storm drain, storm inlets, pipe headwalls, curbs, sidewalks, handrail and guardrail.
  • Roadside shoulder repair and re-grade, roadside and right-of-way mowing, and grading of County-maintained shell roads.

The Stormwater Maintenance Section's primary functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning and silt removal from the major and minor canal systems.
  • Restoration of said canal's embankments, repair and construction of all pipe and structures with relation to the off-road drainage systems, ditch cleaning and silt removal of roadside ditches, aquatic and herbicidal spraying of these systems and related ponds.
  • This Section also maintains and clears all storm inlets and piped drainage systems with specialty equipment designed to remove silt and debris, and performs street sweeping operations.


Other Duties:
Bridge maintenance issues Drainage problems Road shoulder drop offs
Brush blocking visibility Guardrail repairs Roadside mowing issues
Brush cleared from sidewalk Headwall repairs Shell road maintenance
Canal blockage Illegal dumping on ROW Sidewalk trip hazards
Clogged inlets Median maintenance *Sinkhole
Curb and gutter repairs Miter end section repairs Storm box lid damaged/missing
Dead trees in right-of-way Pipe blockages Storm pond maintenance
Ditch cleaning Potholes Trees down in canal






*Manatee County will evaluate to see if a county drainage issue has caused this