Field Maintenance

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Field Maintenance maintains, repairs and improves approximately 1342 miles of roadway and public right-of-way, including 83 miles of unpaved roads around Manatee County. Field Maintenance also mows more than 8,500 acres of right-of-way several times each year. In addition, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, catch basins and roadside drainage pipe require continual repair and improvement.

Our efforts are enhanced with the assignment of road gangs as part of a cooperative program with Manatee Sheriff's Office. Field maintenance is also responsible for maintenance of 150 -plus miles of canals, numerous off-road pipes and the associated structures (this includes cleaning, restoration, mitigation and capital storm damage repairs).

The mission of the Field Maintenance Division is focused primarily around the safety of the motoring and pedestrian public, as well as protection of life and property from flooding.


Our vision is to provide the necessary services to keep roadways, curbs, sidewalks, rights-of-way, ditches, canals, pipes and ponds maintained in a safe condition for public use.  Maintaining this service level is done while keeping the cost competitive with privatization while adding the extra level of customer service and response time that cannot be achieved with private contracting. 



Field Maintenance Areas/Contacts


The Public Works Department has divided the County into three areas for field maintenance. For information on roadway maintenance, brush clearing, tree removal, median maintenance, storm debris drainage outside city limits:


The West Bradenton area encompasses areas located south of the Manatee River to the County line and east to Braden River.


The North County area is all of the County north of the Manatee River.


The East County area is located from Braden River east to the County line and south of the Manatee River.


You may reach us by calling (941) 708-7497, M - F, 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. You may also e-mail this office at:


After regular hours, in the event of an emergency, call the Manatee County Help Line at 747-4357 and a Highway staff member will respond.