Project Management Services

Image Project Management Services

Project Management Services is responsible for overseeing most of Manatee County's Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) from the onset of planning to completion of the project.

Public Works Assessments

Public Works Assessments

Assessments, which are part of the Project Management Division, are programs where the residents pay for improvements via their tax bills. These programs include reclaimed water, road paving, sewer, and street lighting. For more information click on the below links, or contact Sherri Robinson at 941-708-7450 Ext. 7334 or read on Public Works Assessments

Capital Improvement Projects

Public Works is responsible for Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Transportation Capital Improvements Projects.

Capital improvements refer to major investments in the County's infrastructure that are expected to last many years. These are the projects that enhance and sustain a healthy quality of life for the citizens of Manatee County through the most efficient, economic and effective service delivery possible. read on Capital Improvement Projects

Preliminary Plans

Preliminary plans for Capital Improvement Projects are put out for review to allow comment from County personnel, contractors, and Private Utilities prior to an advertised bid. read on Preliminary Plans