Image Administration

Public Works Director Ron Schulhofer oversees the department’s 260-plus employees who are committed to maintaining professional and high-quality standards. The staff of Public Works manages important community efforts in the areas of: Stormwater, Traffic and Infrastructure Engineering, Transportation Systems Management / Modeling, Project Management, Infrastructure Inspections, Field Maintenance, Traffic Operations and Fleet Maintenance, and more.

Public Works’ daily goal is to maintain and improve the safety for the traveling public through the most efficient, effective and affordable means. Just a few of these responsibilities include the maintenance of Manatee County’s:


   • 1,425 center line miles of roadways
   • an estimated 21,015 stormwater inlets
   • an excess of 45,000 street name and traffic control sign
   • 2,300 +/- individual street lights
   • over 204 signalized intersections, and
   • 149 miles of canals.

Additionally, we carry out the Manatee County Capital Improvement Program through management of infrastructure projects.


Recent reorganization has added the Transit Division to Public Works. They provide fixed route service to the general public via 13 routes and reservation service to the transportation disadvantaged.

To learn more, be sure to visit our division pages or call us at (941) 708-7480.