Ten Things to do Now

Here is a list of 10 things that you can do to prepare for the hurricane season right now. It is never too early to start getting ready.

  1. Make your Family Disaster Plan using this guide. If you need more help, go online to www.tampabayprepares.org and www.floridadisaster.org and call your local emergency management agency or local chapter of the American Red Cross.
  2. Using the Hurricane Evacuation Map inside this guide, locate where you live and your evacuation zone. Determine if and when you would have to evacuate. REMEMBER: All mobile home residents must evacuate, regardless of location. If you need help determining your zone, go online or call your local emergency management office BEFORE the storm threatens.
  3. Decide NOW where you would go if ordered to evacuate (e.g. stay with a friend/relative, stay at a hotel, use a public shelter, or leave the region as a last resort). If you must evacuate, do not delay; determine your route, leave early, and try to travel the shortest distance possible.
  4. Check your Disaster Supply Kit and obtain any items you need.
  5. Make plans and purchase materials, such as storm shutters, to protect your home before the storm.
  6. Keep your home in good repair. Tack down loose roofing, trim trees, and keep gutters clean.
  7. Purchase a battery-powered weather alert radio and a non-electric landline phone. Even though phone service may not be disturbed, cordless phones will not work during power outages.
  8. Inventory your property and possessions on paper and take a video survey of your property. Store with insurance and other important papers in a safe place and send a copy to a relative out of the area.
  9. Make sure your street address number is clearly marked on your home.
  10. Whether you rent or own your home, review your insurance policies with your agent now.