• Jul 21, 2010
  • Public Safety
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In a rapidly growing community our desire to maintain the quality of patient care is paramount. In order to do this we need you - qualified Paramedics and EMT's. The Department recognizes the tremendous value of its people. Ethical leadership combined with strong vision ensures that your best interests will be at the forefront. We offer competitive salaries, an excellent benefit package, and are an equal opportunity employer.


If you enjoy fishing, boating, golfing, or just plain relaxing, Manatee County is right for you and your family. To find out more about Manatee County recreational activities, visit the Visitor's portal.


Housing is most likely one of the main concerns when relocating to a new area. The Manatee County Board of Realtors can offer assistance with new sales, rentals and more. Visit their website to find out more


If you have children, education is another concern when relocating. Manatee County has 45 public schools. The majority of the schools are new or updated. The School Board has made a concerted effort to hire the best teachers, principals, office and support staff possible and have kept their workforce current with best practices through excellent training programs. Visit the School District's website to find out more.

If your children have reached college age, Manatee County has its own college. With two one-hundred acre campuses, the State College of Florida serves Sarasota and Manatee County residents.  They also offered are workforce development, skills upgrade, and adult education classes. In addition, SCF hosts cultural events such as art exhibitions, concerts, lectures and theatrical productions which are open to the public. Visit the SCF website to find out more.

For more information on EMT-Paramedic training: Manatee Technical Institute.


Hiring Process and Division Information

Most crew members rotate through two stations throughout the course of two months, one busy, one slow. Our more average stations have permanent crews. Our fire medics also rotate through two stations; one month being on an ALS engine and the other on an ambulance.

Manatee County's call load varies from summer to winter months, with the impact occurring in the winter. Providing strictly 9-1-1 services, in 2009 the service ran over 38,000 calls. MCEMS utilizes trauma centers and their aero medical teams approximately 30 to 40 times per month as the State of Florida maintains very strict trauma transport protocols. With the exception of one fire district in Manatee County which is dependent, the remaining ten districts are independent and maintain their own tax base and Department. They respond on a variety of calls as first responders and provide backup for us if needed.
There is one private ambulance service that provides interfacility transports. We have a great relationship with this company and we share resources and mutual aid agreements on occasion.

The following information is provided to give the applicant an understanding of the process:


An opening will be posted by Human Resources on the mymanatee website.  Applications are not accepted unless positions are actively posted. Jobs are posted here.  After the posting has closed the following process begins.

* Application reviewed by Department of Human Resources to determine if job specifications have been met
* Application sent to Division of EMS for review

* If selected for hiring process, the following occurs:
* ACLS Megacode for Paramedics

* ECG and 12 Lead Interpretation
* Trauma Scenario for EMT applicants based on National Registry
* Airway/CPR station based on American Heart

* Written Examination based on your certification. The test is based on DOT curriculum.

* Physical Agility Test (Functional Fitness Test based on activities actually used on the job including lifting and carrying patients, raising and loading a stretcher with a patient, climbing stairs with jump kit and monitor, and performing CPR)

* Failure of any of the above will end the process. Those that pass all areas will be scheduled for and Oral Interview
* At the conclusion of the interviews, a hiring list will be created with rank determined by the combined scores from the Interview process. This list will be active for 6 months.
* If there is an opening a conditional offer is given to the top applicant(s) and employment will be pending until results of drug screen and background checks are received.
* Once employed, all recruits attend an eighty-hour orientation (ten, eight- hour days) followed by an intense ten-shift training period. The recruit is assigned a preceptor and placed on a 24/48 hour shift to ride in a third position for education and evaluation purposes.
* At the conclusion of ten shifts the recruit is evaluated by the preceptor and an OMD Lieutenant and, if hired as Charge Medic, an evaluation is completed by the Medical Director.
* If all areas are satisfactory, the recruit is placed into the system where needed.
* In case we have missed something in the recruitment section that you need answers to, please contact the Human resources Department.