About Emergency Management

Image About Emergency Management

Who We Are

Manatee County Emergency Management is responsible for carrying out the provision of Florida Statute 252 (Emergency Management). Manatee County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as a central coordinating point for all emergency preparedness, response, and recovery activities.


The EOC operates with key representatives from public safety agencies, emergency relief organizations, county departments, municipalities, utility companies, the school board, private business, news media and other essential organizations. We coordinate our activities with surrounding jurisdictions as well as the State of Florida.


When we are not actively working an emergency, we are developing and coordinating programs dealing with emergency preparedness response, recovery and mitigation.

What We Do

  • Conduct emergency and disaster preparedness seminars;
  • Provide registration for Special Needs clients;
  • Develop community-wide emergency response plans and guidelines;
  • Monitor severe and tropical weather conditions;
  • Review emergency plans for residential health care facilities and other entities;
  • Provide mutual aid assistance to other jurisdictions;
  • Provide technical assistance to emergency management programs;
  • Collect and distribute emergency related information during events;
  • Represent Manatee County on local and State response and planning groups;
  • Conduct and participate in emergency drills and exercises;
  • Conduct and coordinate training for responders, businesses and citizens.


How We Can Serve You

We can provide:

  • Advice on how to protect yourself, your family or your business;
  • Information on how you can support your community in an emergency disaster;
  • Information on volunteer opportunities;
  • Information on emergency preparedness training opportunities;
  • Information on various hazards that can affect you, your family or your business;
  • Technical assistance in the development of emergency plans for public agencies and the private sector;
  • Advice on how to exercise your emergency plan.