Special Needs Program

The Special Needs Program is designed to provide hurricane evacuation assistance to individuals who have no other alternative for transportation or shelter from the storm.

If a hurricane threatens Manatee County and you are pre-registered as a eligible Special Needs Client, a representative will call you to confirm your transportation need. The County will attempt to provide transportation to a emergency public shelter only. Manatee County has very limited resources and when possible you should make your own transportation and sheltering arrangements.

The following information is provided to explain Special Needs eligibility requirements. If you feel you are eligible, contact Manatee County Emergency Management for a Special Needs Application complete, it and mail to the Emergency Management Office.

Group evacuation of a nursing home, adult living facility and other similar facilities, is the sole responsibility of the facilities management. Non-emergency transportation is your responsibility.


Special needs eligibility

Any Manatee County resident whose physical condition, based on triage criteria requires special care but does not require an acute care setting, and who fits into any of the following categories, regardless of age is eligible.


  • Unable to administer their own frequently required or daily injectable medications
  • Requires frequent or daily dressing changes due to moderate to copious drainage, such as ulcers, fistulas, etc.
  • Needs assistance with ostomy management and indwelling catheters such as N/G Tubes, colostomy bags, etc.
  • Requires frequent assessment of potentially unstable medical condition by medical personnel.
  • Cardiac or respiratory conditions which require special medical equipment such as monitors oxygen, IPPB machines, etc.
  • Terminal Illness, non-bedridden, in need of professional assistance in administering heavy doses of pain medication.
  • All others deemed necessary by triage team.

Special needs ineligibility

Those whose conditions do not warrant admittance to the Assisted Care Shelter.


  • Needs haematolysis procedures more than two (2) times per week. Individuals receiving such procedures should inquire at their haematolysis facility regarding their emergency policy.
  • High-risk pregnancy within four (4) weeks of estimated date of delivery or in active labor. Those with normal pregnancy should get instructions from their obstetricians.
  • Is in acute medical or emergency condition..
  • Has a known or suspected infectious/contagious disease
  • Any bedridden patient.