Preparing for the Storm

Advance planning and execution is the key to proper hurricane preparation for personal and property protection. The following information is to be used during the two or three days before the expected arrival of the storm.


  • Install shutters or precut covers on all windows to protect from wind driven debris.
  • Unplug and secure high-value electronics equipment. When lowering a television antenna, be very careful and do not touch power lines due to the risk
  • of electrocution.
  • Fill your vehicle’s fuel tank as soon as possible to avoid long lines at the gas station. Gasoline may not be available for days or weeks after the hurricane
  • strikes. Gasoline pumps do not work when electricity is out.
  • Stay tuned to radio and television for the latest alert, warning and advisories.
  • If your house has a pool, ensure that it is prepared for the storm. Lower the water level to accommodate heavy rains, but do not drain completely. Add extra
  • chlorine to the pool and turn off electrical power to pool equipment.
  • Store water in bathtubs, barrels, jugs, and other containers. Use this water for bathing and sanitary purposes, DO NOT USE THIS WATER FOR DRINKING.
  • Ensure your hurricane survival kit is packed and ready to go at a moments notice.
  • Ensure that your pets have current vaccinations and you have this paper work. They will be required when you check your pet into a pet friendly hotel/motel, kennel or veterinarian office.