Personal Conditions

Personal Hurricane Condition 4 - Recommended actions to be taken 72 hours prior to the arrival of forecasted Tropical Storm Force (39mph) Winds


  • Is a 5 day supply of canned / non-perishable food and water on hand for all family members?
  • Do you have a 14 day supply of prescription medications?
  • Are you staying informed of the Hurricane’s position / intensity and expected land fall by watching television, or listening to the radio?
  • Are you limiting telephone usage to essential calls only?
  • Have you checked the serviceability of your flashlights, batteries and battery powered radio’s?


Personal Hurricane Condition 3 - Recommended Actions to be taken 48 hours prior to the arrival of forecasted Tropical Storm Force (39mph) Winds


  • Do you have handicapped or bed-ridden family members? If so, have you contacted a hospital to arrange for special transportation requirements?
  • Have you secured antennas and cleared outside areas of yard furniture, toys, B-B-Q grills and clothes lines?
  • Have you secured trailer mounted boats and / or campers?
  • If your boat is in a wet slip, have the mooring been secured?
  • If you own an aircraft, has it been secured to the ramp?
  • If you own pets, take them to your prearranged kennel accommodations.
  • Do you have enough cash for evacuation cost / expenses?
  • Move valuable furniture away from windows to minimize water damage.
  • Set refrigerator to lowest setting and tape door seals to minimize heat penetration.
  • Have you contacted next of kin outside the state to inform them of your decision to evacuate or remain in your home?
  • Have you packed your hurricane survival kit and ensured you have sufficient supplies for at least 5 DAYS?
  • Have you checked with your neighbors to see if they require any help or assistance?

Personal Hurricane Condition 2 - Recommended Actions to be taken 24 hours prior to the arrival of forecasted Tropical Storm Force (39mph) Winds


  • If you reside on a barrier island or flood prone low lying area, you should evacuate to a safer location (friend or family members home or public shelter outside the predicted flood zone).
  • Ensure your vehicle is fully fueled, loaded with your survival kit and prepared to go.
  • If evacuation is not an option, prepare your home as best you can. Most damage will be done by high winds. The rest of the damage will be due to flooding and wind driven rain.
  • Continue to monitor local radio and television stations on the progress of the storm.


Personal Hurricane Condition 1 - Recommended Actions to be taken 12 hours prior to the arrival of forecasted Tropical Storm Force (39mph) Winds


  • Once the hurricane arrives, do not attempt to flee the area. Remain in your designated safe area in the County shelter, or in the innermost room of your family or friends home.
  • Do not expose yourself by leaving your safe area to retrieve or “save” forgotten valuables or “to keep an eye” on your home. Any valuables lost during the storm can be replaced, with one exception, your life.
  • When electrical power fails, use only flashlights or glowsticks. Never use candles or kerosene lamps during the storm.
  • Never cook during the storm; a strong gust of wind can spread the flame and start a fire. The Fire Department will be unable to respond during the storm.