Evacuation Checklist

It is recommended for families to have as a minimum 5 days worth of supplies in your
hurricane survival kit, as well as other items for use at a shelter and/or upon return to your home. These are recommended steps

STEP 1: Ensure your vehicle has a full tank of gasoline. Check tire pressure and inspect fluid levels.

STEP 2: Obtain cash rolls of quarters and small bills for use in vending machines. Remember that most vendors will not accept checks or credit cards after a hurricane.


STEP 3: Pack non-perishable food and water:


  • Items that require no cooking.
  • Are ready-to-eat.
  • Include a can opener and plastic or disposable utensils.
  • Include toiletries and enough personal hygiene supplies for two weeks.

STEP 4: Pack important documents and papers:


  • Birth/Marriage Certificates.
  • Passports/Visas.
  • Wills and Power Of Attorney.
  • Computer Disks with valuable information and/or System Disks.
  • Video tape of household goods and of the interior/exterior of the house.
  • Pet vaccination documentation
  • Personal phone/address book
  • Medications

STEP 5: Pack Clothing, Bedding, and Bathing Supplies:


  • Pants, Shirts, Underwear, Socks, Etc.
  • Pillows, Sheets and Blankets.
  • Towels and Face cloths.

STEP 6: Inspect the house for loose external items:


  • Trash Cans and Receptacles.
  • Lawn and Patio Tables/Chairs.
  • Toys (Swing Sets, Riding Toys, Etc.).
  • Secure Television Antenna or Satellite Dish.
  • Unplug Appliances (Televisions, Stereos, Computers, Etc.).
  • Turn Off Gas and Electricity to The House.

STEP 7: Check your pet into a pet friendly hotel/motel, kennel or veterinarian office.