Chiller Plant

  • May 20, 2015
Image Chiller Plant

There’s a chill in the air!

If you have been in the County Administration building recently, you might have noticed the refreshing breeze of the new energy-efficient chiller plant. The plant uses cold water to “chill” the air and then pushes it to the Administration, Property Appraiser and Central Library buildings. The plant has tremendous long term cost savings, takes up less space than multiple individual A/C units and has a lifespan around 30 years.

The plant has the potential to connect to other buildings in the downtown area, providing efficient cooling and even generating revenue. Some potential prospects include the City of Bradenton, SunTrust Bank and the South Florida Museum.

The cost of the chiller and the piping, which connected the buildings to the plant, was $9.3 million, while the $2.7 million includes energy-saving measures such as the lighting, water conservation, air-handling unit replacements, HVAC controls, transformers and elevator improvements. It’s a great win towards energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.