Bring your four-legged friend to Robinson Preserve Dogs at Robinson Preserve

  • Jan 3, 2011
  • Melissa Cain Nell
Image Dogs at Robinson Preserve

Manatee County’s natural lands are a great place to bring your four-legged friend! The Natural Resources Department welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes but reminds owners that the preserves have special rules for pet pooches. Please be sure to follow the list below to ensure your trip is a safe and happy one!

Photo of Robinson Preserve Ambassadogs provided by Tampa Bay Estuary Program

Pet Protocols at Robinson Preserve


Pet Protocols
Use a leash!
  • As public safety law, all dogs in Manatee County’s preserves must be held on a leash at all times. Not all people are comfortable in the presence of even the friendliest of dogs. Please keep pets under control.
  • Many hazards exist for pets that are unleashed. Dogs off-leash may be injured by vehicles or bicycles and may also have disastrous encounters with resident wildlife.
  • The County has established an ordinance in order to maintain the safety of preserve visitors as well as your pet.
Scoop that poop!
  • Always clean up after your pet. Carry a few plastic bags with you to make cleanup easier.
  • Remember to dispose of doggie droppings appropriately in trash cans.
Stay on the trail!
  • All of Manatee County’s conservation lands have marked trails. Please stay on these trails – both pooches and people off trail can damage valuable habitat.

As temperatures rise this summer, please remember to keep your dogs cool when visiting Robinson Preserve!