The Manatee County Fertilizer Ordinance

Help us prevent algal blooms, fish kills and poor water quality in our lakes, streams, rivers and bays.

Manatee County Fertilizer Ordinance


Manatee County has adopted a residential fertilizer ordinance to reduce the potential for nutrient-laden runoff to our aquatic environment. Two groups have direct responsibilities under the adopted ordinance: 1) Residents and businesses who self-apply fertilizers; 2) Landscape maintenance professionals. Information for each group is below.

Fertilizer retailers may want to know about the restrictions on certain types of products so they can adjust inventories appropriately. See the links in the right-hand column. Manatee County does not have sales restrictions.

The Manatee County fertilizer ordinance does not affect fertilizer applications on properties under the Right-to-Farm Act, vegetable gardens or athletic fields (including golf courses).

Information for Homeowners and Businesses

Information for Homeowners and Businesses

Residents and businesses that apply their own landscape fertilizer are only responsible for applying the correct fertilizer formulation at the right time of the year.

If you hire landscape services, please be aware that landscape maintenance professionals working in Manatee County are required to be certified. Certification is awarded to an individual, not a company, so everybody performing regulated services on your property must be certified. read on Information for Homeowners and Businesses

Information for Landscape Maintenance Professionals

Information for Landscape Maintenance Professionals

As of June 1st, 2012 all commercial and institutional (e.g. school, government employees) fertilizer applicators must be individually certified to apply fertilizers in Manatee County. This certification is issued to individuals holding a "Limited Certification for Urban Landscape Commercial Fertilizer" license issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). This license is required for all commercial fertilizer applicators throughout Florida.

All other landscape maintenance professionals in Manatee County that ARE NOT applying fertilizer (other than clerical or administrative staff) must individually obtain a Landscape Certification from the Manatee County Extension Service. This certification is awarded after successful completion of Landscape Best Management Practices (Landscape BMP) training from the Manatee County Extension Service. The class is available online, although the applicant must make an appointment with the Extension Service to take a short test. Spanish language classes are also available. read on Information for Landscape Maintenance Professionals

Fertilizer FAQs

The following questions and answers should help you understand key points of our fertilizer ordinance.
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Supporting Documentation

All the documents considered by the Board of County Commissioners during adoption of the Manatee County Fertilizer Ordinance.

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