Swim Lesson FAQ

If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please contact 941-742-5932.

  • How do I know what level to put my child in?

    If you are unsure about what level your child should be in, an Aquatic Center staff member will be available to help.  We will ask some basic information about your child’s swimming ability and place them in what we feel is the appropriate level. We always encourage parents, when they are in doubt, to sign up for the lower level. We would much rather graduate a child into the next level, than move them back to a lower level.

  • Do I have to pay for the whole summer of sessions or can I pay as I go?

    This is a personal preference; some parents will place their child in lessons the whole summer and pay for all sessions up front.  Other parents will wait and pay for sessions as they go along.  Please keep in mind that we keep a ratio of 5 students to 1 instructor.  So there is a chance that a class may be full when you go to sign up.

  • Do I need to be in the water with my child?

    No.  The only level we need a parent or guardian in the water with the child is in the parent-child class. Seating is available around the pool deck to observe the lesson. We ask that parents keep their distance so that not to distract their child during the lesson.

  • What supplies does my child need for classes?

    Your child just needs to be prepared with a swimsuit and towel.  Goggles are optional but we do encourage children to wear them.

  • My three year old child can swim like a fish, can I put them in a higher level than preschool?

    Yes and no. We ask all parents to be realistic when it comes to their children’s swimming ability. This program is designed for children to learn the necessary swimming skills one at a time.  If they are placed in a level too high they will miss out on certain skills and terminology that they will need to know for them to swim successfully.  Children progress at different speeds so we ask all parents to be patient and let the instructors use their judgment on when a child is ready to progress a level. We don’t teach kids to swim like fish, our goal is to teach them to swim correctly on top of the water.

  • Do I need to bring my child to their lesson if it is raining at my house?

    Yes. Florida’s weather is often unpredictable and it could be raining in one part of town and bright and sunny just down the road. Just because it is storming at you house, don’t assume that we are experiencing the same weather. Many times these summer storms move in and out very quickly. We ask that each child show up at every schedule lesson. If the pool is closed for unsafe weather, we will conduct an age appropriate dry land class (maximum 1 per session). If any future weather cancellations happen within the session we will issue a rain check for a make-up class.

  • Does my child stay in the same level for the whole session? And what level do I put them in if I sign up for another session?

    A child may stay in a level for a whole session or they may move up to a different level. Each level has advancement goals and when a child reaches those goals they are able to move up to the next level, even in the middle of a session. Encourage your child with praise and recognition for all of their swimming accomplishments, even if they don’t move up to the next level as quickly as you had hoped. When you sign up for a new session whatever level your child was in last in the level they will be put in.

  • How can I get more information regarding swim lessons?

    You may call us at 941-742-5932, visit our website at www.mymanatee.org or e-mail your questions to parksandrecreation@mymanatee.org.