Rentals FAQ

  • How far in advance do I need to book a rental?

    Rentals are reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Summer rentals fill up very quickly and it is recommended that you make your reservations as soon as possible.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    You may always call the Aquatic Center to check on availability. Once you decide on a date, you will need to stop by the Aquatic Center, complete a small amount of paper work and pay for your reservation in full. You will be provided with a packet of information containing facility guidelines, pool rules and our weather policy.

  • What happens if it rains?

    As with any event planned for outdoors, weather is always of concern. Rain alone will not close our facility; however the supervisor on duty will determine if it is safe to have the facility open when inclement weather is present. If we close the facility due to unsafe weather, your reservation is refundable or if the opportunity exists, we can transfer your rental to an alternate date.   

  • Since it is a private rental, do we have to follow all of the rules?

    Absolutely.  Our number one priority is always safety and our lifeguards will enforce all of the rules throughout your rental. If you are looking for a “free for all”, you would want to consider having your rental at another location. We provide a list of the most commonly enforced rules at the time of your reservation. Please support our lifeguards and encourage your guests to do the same. They are only doing their job of maintaining a safe and orderly operation.

  • Can we bring in food and drink? How about a grill?

    Food and drink may be brought into the facility however it must be consumed within the designated area. Smoking, glass containers and alcohol beverages are strictly prohibited. Grills are prohibited within our complex. Pizza may be ordered and delivered to the facility.   

  • What if I want to have a party during your regular hours?

    This can be done, however through experience it is not recommended. No formal reservation is required; you would be treated as any other patron visiting the pool that day. Payment must be made upon entrance to the facility and everyone, swimming or not, must pay the fee. Decorations, use of the refrigerator/freezer and ice machine are not permitted. We do not run tabs or check guests off as they arrive. Please be prepared to greet your guests at the doors so that you may pay for them. The picnic area may not be reserved, it is open to all guests enjoying our facility on that day and monopolizing the tables for a party is not acceptable. To avoid confusion, it is highly recommended that you inform your guests of these procedures and certainly if you are not paying for parents or siblings. We have seen many unhappy parents when they are caught off guard that they have to pay upon arrival to attend a child’s Birthday party.  

  • What if I make a reservation and my child changes their mind?

    I would strongly encourage you to be sure that a pool rental is what you and your child want prior to making a reservation. Department policy does not permit refunds, just because you changed your mind or have a scheduling conflict. The Department’s refund policy is listed below:      


    Manatee County Parks & Recreation Department activity and facility fees are not refundable except under the following guidelines as per Resolution R-10-121:


    • A written recommendation from a doctor (for two (2) or more absences) indicating that the individual should withdraw from an activity or program shall be entitled to a full or prorated refund. No administrative fee will be assessed.
    • In the event that an activity or program is cancelled by Parks & Recreation Department, the individual or group would be entitled to a full or prorated refund or credit. There would be no administrative fee assessed.
    • Refunds are subject to a twenty percent (20%) administrative fee of the total amount, not to exceed $10.00.
    • All refund requests must be accompanied by an original receipt or a copy of the cancelled check.


    • Credits can be applied within thirty (30) days from one program activity and used toward another activity within ninety (90) days from the original request.
    • Credit requests may be provided in the absence of an original receipt or cancelled check if County records establish payment.