Lifeguard Training FAQ

  • How do I register for the class?

    The best way to get into the class is to call the Aquatic Center at 941-742-5932 and find out the exact dates that the class will be offered.  Pre-registration is not required. 


    On the first scheduled day of class, participants will need to perform a swimming pre-requisite. The swim test consists of a 300 yard swim (150 yards Front Crawl/150 yards Breaststroke), treading water for 2 minutes with no hands/head above water and a 20 yard brick retrieval with a 10 pound brick.


    Once the swimming pre-requisite is completed, the class fee of $180.00 is due.

  • What will I learn in the class?

    The class covers the necessary skills of a lifeguard. Topics include rescue skills, surveillance, CPR/AED, first aid, back boarding and much more. The content of the class will be taught through videos, visuals, lecture and hands on activities in and out of the water.

  • How do I pass the class?

    There will be three written tests and a final skills scenario test. Participants must pass all written tests and receive a passing grade on the final in-water skill scenario as well as demonstrate a competency of all skills taught. In addition, attendance and participation in all classes is MANDATORY.

  • Will I be hired by the Aquatic Center if I take the class?

    The Aquatic Center hires certified lifeguards to work during the months of April-October. Taking our lifeguarding class does not guarantee a job; however many of our lifeguards come from the classes we teach.  Taking our class is much like a two week job interview. It gives us a strong indication of your waterskills, punctuality and level of responsibility.