Manatee Millennial Movement in the News

Manatee Millennials in the News


Bradenton Herald Young workers challenged to speak out on housing

Manatee millennials seek affordable housing

Presenting at Manatee Young Professionals

Manatee millennials: We need affordable housing, city lifestyle

BOCC Hears from Staff Millennials on Housing Initiatives

Workforce housing a concern for Manatee young professionals

Boomers to Boomlets

Inward-bound development

Manatee hears from younger workers on housing

South Manatee redevelopment forum seeks younger voices

Millennial's work to bring changes to the county

Manatee Millennials to commission: It's too expensive to liver here

Tiger Bay Club claws toward heart of affordable housing in Manatee County

Hot apartment market in Bradenton-Sarasota a tight stretch for workers

#iSeeManatee event allows residents to share vision for county future

Manatee County to hold first-of-its-kind event to improve southwest entrances to county

Manatee County plans #iSeeManatee event with future focus

Weekend conference in April geared toward Manatee Millennials

Challenges in finding affordable housing by millennials in Manatee addressed at conference

Young professionals vent about housing costs

Speak up

East County resident helps close generation gap

Young workers taking affordable housing, job issues to local leader

Exploring a millennial-fueled future for Sarasota, Bradenton

Millennials Gather to Shape the Future of Manatee County



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