• Mar 18, 2010
  • Information Technology
Image Software

The County uses a variety of software ranging from off-the-shelf packages and vendor-supplied products to custom applications written by our staff. We assist with evaluating, creating, installing, and supporting the software.

All software used by the County goes through a life cycle. First, we assess the need for new software. If it is deemed necessary and cost-effective, then we perform an evaluation to determine the best solution.


After the decision is made to proceed, we either purchase or write the software. After installation, we test the software and train the staff to use it. Finally, we release it for 'live' usage, providing maintenance support when necessary.

Evaluate - Whether we purchase a software package or write one ourselves, we aid the County staff in evaluating their software needs. We assist them in creating a business process analysis to determine the appropriate software solution. We also assure that the software they use meshes with our existing hardware, network, and security policies.


Create - If an off-the-shelf or vendor software package is not available, we write a custom program. This is a collaborative process between our developers and the requesting department. We carefully analyze the functions required in the program and arrange for data storage. We then write and test the code.

Install - Whether bought off-the-shelf or created in-house, we handle the installation and configuration of all software. This includes configuring a server on which to run the software, creating databases to store information, applying security protocols, and testing the program.


Support - Beginning with training the staff to use the new software, our support for the software never ceases. We apply updates and patches, as well as troubleshoot any errors encountered while using the software.