• Mar 22, 2010
  • Information Technology
Image Network

We maintain the servers, workstations, and network infrastructure needed to connect the computers in the County. We also provide mobile services for County field staff.

The core of our network is a server farm which houses data and many of our applications. The servers are often clustered; that is, the work and data are spread across two or more physical computers. This provides more computing power to run applications and fail-over protection should a hardware component malfunction.


Our network infrastructure connects the servers and our workstations, which can be desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Blackberries, or people browsing our Web site via the internet.  The network consists of traditional copper or fiber cabling and a wireless network that covers the County.  Our field personnel that utilize mobile applications use this wireless network.


In addition, we provide a public Wi-Fi access point which is available in the downtown Bradenton area.