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The term static map is used to describe a map file that was created at a specific point in time and whose data is not connected to the enterprise geodatabase in real time. These maps may come in a variety of formats but typically the file format is PDF. These maps are essentially snapshots of data at the time the map was created.

Manatee County Street Atlas

Information Technology Services - GIS

  • Manatee County Street Atlases

  • Atlas Download
  • Download manatee_county_atlas.iso from Atlas Download link above. Save file to a directory on PC to burn at a later date or open with CD/DVD burner if you have one installed. Burn file to CD/DVD.


  • Manatee County Street Map
  • - this map includes streets in the Western portion of the county including all municipalities and island communities.


Building Department

  • Wind-Borne Debris Region
    Certain properties in Manatee County are subject to different building requirements based on the area of the county in which they are located. Use this map to find out which wind-borne debris area of the county includes a property of interest.


Emergency Management


Information Services - GIS


Parks & Recreation

  • Park Maps
    Facilities, beaches, boat ramps and other amenities.



  • Planning Maps
    Maps of the Comprehensive Plan, Future Traffic Circulation Maps Series, Overlay Districts and other Regulatory Maps.


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