Announcing the new GIS map viewer

  • Jan 6, 2015
  • Mark Muprhy
Image Announcing the new GIS map viewer

In July of last year we had announced the availability of a beta version of our new 2nd generation map viewer application. This application was designed from the ground up to support mobile devices as well as traditional desktops. This new map viewer application embodies one of our IT principles of developing for mobile first and desktop second in an increasingly mobile oriented world.

Phase In Plan

Initially we had planned to support both our original map viewer application and the new mobile map viewer application for 6 months during which time we would take user feedback and fine tune the new mobile application.  That 6 month period has ended Dec 31st 2014.  We will continue to offer both apps for another 3 months but we have stopped development and bug fixes in our original map viewer application.  From now on new features and bug fixes will only be done on the new mobile map viewer application.   On March 1st we will discontinue offering the original map viewer application entirely.


Noteworthy Improvements

Below is a listing of some new enhancements this new map viewer application offers over it's predecessor:  

  • Supports mobile devices
  • Supports touch screens
  • Dockable panels provide more screen area for the map
  • All existing functionality preserved in the new viewer
  • Faster print functions
  • Seamless transitions between viewers
  • Improved feature search and buffering
  • Full screen Pictometry integration
  • Modular design for improved maintenance and easier enhancements
  • Imagery download now available in more formats.
  • Added color infrared imagery
  • Turn by turn driving directions

Click here to give it a try!