GIS Introduction

Image GIS Introduction

The GIS section of the Information Technology Department provides spatial analysis, maps, and geographic data for internal county departments, administrators, and other agencies of local government. We provide these pages to assist Manatee County staff in making the most of the GIS services available. At this site you can access interactive map services, download static maps, download select geographic datasets, and learn more about GIS technology in general.

Who we are...

The Manatee County GIS Section is the main provider of GIS analysis and mapping  services for Manatee County. We currently have five staff within our section.  We are located on the 7th Floor of the County Administration building in downtown Bradenton.


What we do...

 The ITS/GIS Division provides for the core GIS infrastructure for the Board of County Commissioners.  ITS/GIS maintains the county’s enterprise geodatabase and insures that data is backed up, properly secured and available to all.  ITS/GIS maintains a pool of GIS Server resources and publishes web-based map and geoprocessing services as needed by our customers.  ITS/GIS also provides for the licensing, maintenance and security of the GIS desktop and multi-user data editing environment. 
Additionally, ITS/GIS provides spatial data to many of the County’s business systems such as the Building Permitting, Utility Customer Service, and Computer Aided Dispatch 9-1-1 system.  ITS/GIS provides spatial analysis and geoprocessing, script production, and automated job scheduling to facilitate these business system integrations.  While not as frequent today, we still do provide some limited map production and data creation/editing for internal county departments, administrators, and other agencies of local government.  The GIS section plans, manages, coordinates, and services the software and equipment required to meet the digital spatial information needs of Manatee County. The GIS section also develops and maintains a digital database of geo-referenced information about the county's land and infrastructure and produces quality graphic displays of that information.  These are some of the activities we engage in to achieve these goals:
  • Coordinate the distribution network for digital spatial information;
  • Select, develop, and support GIS-related software;
  • Develop short and long range GIS system architecture planning;
  • Coordinate spatial data requirements with other county departments and agencies;
  • Develop and maintain map-based information from diverse sources in a unified, cohesive system;
  • Develop user applications for query and analysis of Geographic Information System data;
The GIS section also maintains general base map information including the street centerlines and its accompanying map annotation, provides interactive map products, and makes spatial data available for download.
We also provide...
  • 9-1-1 map system support for our 9-1-1 dispatchers
  • Hard-copy maps to county departments
  • Create and maintain the county's centralized geodatabases
  • Create and maintain the GIS Section's web presence
  • Create and maintain the county's Internet Map Services
  • An extensive library of aerial imagery.

How we are expanding our GIS services...

The process of implementing our Enterprise GIS initiative is ongoing. This means that we are opening up our systems so that people with differing skill levels and needs can access data simultaneously. We have been building this "Enterprise GIS" by...


Our mission statement...

The mission of the GIS Division of Manatee County's Information Technology Department
is to enable our customers to utilize spatial data and services to best achieve their business goals.