Employee Suggestions

What is PRIDE?

The Manatee County PRIDE (Proudly Recognizing Innovative Dedicated Employees) Program is designed to encourage and recognize employees who propose procedures or ideas that, if adopted, result in reducing costs, improving working conditions or work performance, and/or providing better services to Manatee County’s clientele. PRIDE is also designed to allow department directors to nominate an employee for outstanding and exemplary performance or achievement.
What is a viable suggestion?
A viable suggestion is a written, original idea that identifies a specific problem and suggests a specific method or improvement to do job or procedure better, quicker, easier, safer or cheaper; or to improve the quality of government services and facilities, the quality of work life, or the County’s public image.



Eligible Suggestions

Ineligible Suggestions

Eligible Performance Criteria

Monetary savings to the County via projects, ideas, processes, procedures or policies.


Improvements in service to the public without an increase (or with only a nominal increase) in cost


Improvements in safety conditions


Improvements in working conditions


Improvements in work methods


Conservation of energy


Increased efficiency

Grievance or complaints


Suggestions for a change that is already under consideration



Suggestions which concern routine maintenance matters (i.e. repair or replacement of worn equipment or tools).


Pay, employee benefits or job classification matters


Employee Retirement Fund administration


Outstanding and exemplary performance in the daily capacity of an employee which far exceeds the expectations of the position. 


Achieving or substantially contributing to the achievement of a highly desirable outcome, either in terms of substantial safety improvements or the avoidance of risk, or otherwise obtaining an extraordinary beneficial result through exceptionally strenuous or complex work of a non-routine nature.


Providing highly effective assistance “above and beyond the call of duty” type efforts resulting in a positively changed outcome for the employees or citizens of Manatee County.


Outstanding achievement or exemplary performance recognized (documentation attached) by another agency, department, or individual.



Why participate in PRIDE?

Manatee County PRIDE could pay up to $400 in cash for suggestions that are implemented.
Employees under the Board of County Commissioners are eligible to participate. 

What are the rules?

  1.  If duplicate suggestions are received, the one bearing the earliest date of receipt will be considered eligible for consideration and the others ineligible.
  2. If an employee’s suggestion is modified and adopted in a different form, the employee shall be eligible for an award if the suggestion was directly responsible for the action.
  3. If an employee resigns or retires between the time they submit a suggestion, the employee shall still be eligible for the award. In the event of death, awards will be paid to an employee’s estate or beneficiary.
  4. The PRIDE Program is excluded from the County’s complaint procedures.
  5. If your suggestion is not adopted and is later implemented, you may be eligible for a PRIDE award. You must request a reevaluation of your suggestion, in writing, within two (2) years of the non-adoption date for your suggestion to be reconsidered for a PRIDE award
  6. The acceptance of any award from the County for a suggestion shall be considered compensation in full and further claims which may arise as a consequence of the County adopting and implementing the suggestion will not be considered.

How do I submit an idea?

Forms are located on the iNet under Forms, HR Miscellaneous,  and click on HR Form 164. Follow form instructions and then forward your suggestion by email, inter-office or mail directly to:
Tamie Langman, PRIDE Program Coordinator
Manatee County Human Resources Department
1112 Manatee Ave West, Suite 863
Bradenton, FL 34205

What happens to suggestions?

Your suggestion will be reviewed by the ESP Coordinator for eligibility. Eligible suggestions will then be forwarded to the appropriate County Department(s) for evaluation.
The Department(s) will recommend whether or not your suggestions should be implemented. The ESP Coordinator, in conjunction with the ESP Manager and Human Resources Director, will make the final award decision.

If duplicate suggestions are received, the one bearing the earliest date of receipt will be considered eligible for consideration and the others ineligible. 


PRIDE Suggestion Awards

  • Class “A” Award - $400 - Suggestions which result in a substantial savings of $10,000 or more per year.
  • Class “B” Award - $250 - Suggestions which result in an identifiable savings in time,materials, or operating costs or represent a substantial improvement inprocedures, working conditions and safety ($1,000 – $9,999 savings annually)
  • Class “C” Award - $100 - Suggestions that have a “one-time” savings to the County of $5,000 or more.
  • Class “D” Award - $50 - Suggestions which may or may not result in minor cost savings but contribute to improved efficiency of operation, safety or services to the public ($500 - $999 savings annually)

PRIDE Performance Awards

Performance related achievement or recognition nominated by a department director. 
Awards may include:
  • Additional hours of vacation leave (to be added to employee’s vacation leave account)
  • A one-time lump sum award (will not be added to employee’s base rate of pay)
  • Non-monetary award (token of appreciation)