From the Comments Cards

Cards were distributed which asked 'If you could change one thing about Healthcare in Manatee County…What would it be?' and 'What would it fix?' Below are the collected comments.

5/28/2014 Comments

Issue: Leave it to the private sector and get the government out of it.
Fix: It would create a field of competition and would not pay private , for profit corporation with tax money.

Local government should be a part of collaborative of government business & provided with goal of providing healthcare to those currently having access problems
Fix: Give traction to solution to problems of access to healthcare

Issue: How would you legally be able to enforce application of mental health and substance abuse treatments? What proofs does the community have that these treatments are effective cost wise & positive confirmable cares
Fix: Whisky joe syndrome – not my words they are carol whitmores.

Issue: Stop thinking that we need to be all and prevent all for everyone in the county
Fix: Foster a spirit of independence with our citizens to make wise decisions for themselves and make existing resources well available and apparent for anyone to access if needed….existing tax money should be enough if efficiently spent 

Issue: Get the government completely out of health care.
Fix: Rely on personal choice and accountability and free market competition from health care services providers.

Issue: Develop a comprehensive approach to guide people from treatment to preventative care behaviors – lower cost and improve quality of life 
Fix: There needs to be forced (guided, directed, taken) to appropriate services, cost effective. Triage at emergency rooms to guide patients to appropriate care. Changing behavior is difficult even when one wants to change. Just try to lose weight.   

Issue: Establish a healthcare exchange to avoid duplication of services and keep the cost of medicine down.
Fix: Duplication of services, faster access, shared medical files, shared medical history.

Issue: Incentives participation for physicians who are willing to participate in a group that sees indigent/uninsured. 
Fix:  more doctors participating would spread the costs more evenly

Issue: Take better care of the mental health care aspect
Fix: Stop slashing funds

Issue: Like the homestead exemptions provide an exemption for wellness or for carrying health care insurance
Fix: Reward good behavior needs assessment, collaborative alliance, give businesses a credit who provide care.

Buy back MMH

Issue: Access to dental care for uninsured primary care for uninsured, efficient transportation system to allow access to care, specialty care. EX: Prenatal care access – not all doctors accept Medicaid.  More mental health
Fix: Build healthier families and healthier communities – attract medical professional, attract work force

Issue: Make it easier for charitable organizations to help the truly unfortunate 
Fix: It would free the county government up so that they could devote their resources to the legitimate purpose of government – Provide civil order, provide a court system, organize a framework for necessary public services – water, sewer, roads

Issue: Get out of it. Leave it to state and federal government – where it has been taxed enough.
Fix: 3rd party administrator or essential public safety issues – immunizations, communicable diseases – not nonpublic safety issues. Based on ability to pay is not a government issue. No new taxes or shifting of funds, no increase in spending. Personal health is not a responsibility of tax money.

Issue: More funding would lead to more access. Look at cost of pharmaceuticals, it would help keep cost of health care down
Fix: Funding would lead to better access

Issue: Bring dental care to underserved communities
Fix: It would positively impact the #1 unmet need in county – dental care

Issue: I would like to see a drop in center for chronically mentally ill adults – 4 in Sarasota County. 0 in Manatee!! Why?
Fix: Money – a big facility – interest – trained staff – fountains house model

Issue: Expanding the discussion around “classic” healthcare ie. Medical, to dental, mental health and behavioral health – access to treatment, etc.
Fix: Awareness of all health issues for the public enable more informed decisions

Increase awareness of and attention to mental health as an intergral component and cost moderation of physical health and wellness
Fix: Cost controls proven cost offsets from mental healthcare in areas including reduced demands on the sheriff and jail, clinics, hospitals and schools and emergency services. 2. Improved GDP due to reduced loss of productive work days. 3. Improved academic performance and education rates in our schools.


6/10/2014 Comments

Issue: We need a plan! We cannot realize positive change without one. The plan should take a broader view than just indigent care.
Fix: We must have a plan. USF college of Public Health by definition reputation and achievement would provide great leadership for the development of a plan.

Issue: Providing less medical care for inmates awaiting trial.
Fix: Medical employees knowing the signs and information of someone with addiction or medical necessities

Issue: Improved access and support for mental health care. Including consistent follow up with patients to ensure treatment medications are maintained.
Fix: Reduction in homeless and or jobless citizens. Potential reduction in violent behavior.

Issue: More post hospitalization resources for continued care. Case management program for the program.
Fix: Agreements – arrangements for home health – short term rehab options inpatient or outpatient – equipment needs for safety. I’ll be a case manager.

Issue: Appropriate funding for unfunded healthcare
Fix: Not Sure

Issue: Building Partnerships with healthcare related training programs and offering developing AHEC  model of patient centered care LECOM dental, Medicaid and pharmacy
Fix: Offering services not currently provided at an easy to access level. EX: Remote area medical events held a quarterly is public/safe locations not currently being used…schools, etc . RAM clinic at Bristal Speedway

Issue: Increased focus on addiction prevention – alcoholism, drug addiction and counseling services
Fix: Proactive vs. Reactive – decrease in reactive services for medical mental health care.

Issue: Up to date directory of services and all employees who know what is available.
Fix: Correct info for caregivers, especially those caregivers who live out of town

Issue: Increase dedicated mileage to referral services like manatee glens and manatee rural health for addiction counseling, preventive care, medication and health
Fix: Reduce acute heart problems through early intervention

Better access to nontraditional (non-western)medicine such as acupuncture, cupping, moxabustion. Supporting oriental medicine practitioners, massage therapists and chiropractors and helping them to better serve the community.
Fix: Less invasive (and potentially deadly /debilitating) surgeries, give people more options and lessen insurance costs.

Issue: Charitable giving to health care locally, county should not raise taxes to fund health care
Task force to be local and raise money for organizations that already do healthcare

Remarks via Index Cards

Prevention: Provide healthcare to underinsured/noninsured populations using primary healthcare doctors/staff rather than expensive. Reactive E.R. hospital care as is provided currently. Easy access to neighborhood clinics with extended opening hours. (in the 4 zip codes that currently cost manatee county the most) Education is key for people to manage their diabetes, mental health, heart disease, correct medication management. Break the cycle, getting people to visit primary care doctor for education and health maintenance and using best health care practices and technology. Use private marketplace investment to fund the healthcare to reduce and eventually eliminate tax payer burden

Access to care: My primary care physician, I’ve seen for over 10 years has just gone concierge. If you want to remain a patient in her care I have to pay her $1500.00 per year above any insurance she receives for services rendered. Needless to say I will be changing my PCP in the next few months as this just became effective June 1st. Her reasons for going concierge has a lot to do with the insurance companies and what they are willing to pay for services rendered and how they dictate whether a patient can receive a specific test or treatment. The physician fees are necessary but the insurance company says it is not necessary. Just who is the physician treating the patient? The doctor or insurance company? She is charging the extra fee to be able to limit the number of patients she sees, give them extra services and more time with their visits. Also, part has to do with ACA and being inundated with new patients who may or may not be able to pay the deductibles, etc. With their new found insurance coverage. 

There is a huge gap in community knowledge on the issues and local situation. until it happens to them it is easy for people to make accusations of misuse, overspending and the “just take care of yourself” type attitudes.

Education delivery ongoing education for every profession occurs at a face time meeting why if technology can produce the same outcome? No travel, no food, no hotel

Cutting edge community: whose standards, definitions are to be used? The no discussion about costs is totally unrealistic.
History cannot be ignored – which is a primary cause of repeating mistakes.

Let the individual keep their records on a cheap memory stick – it answers the problems of the medical providers – Safe and secure
People in the community are not aware that there are other places to turn to for high cost of medications, when their insurance does not cover certain medications. A discount mail order prescription like a Canadian pharmacy can get many meds much cheaper than the local pharmacy. Discount med direct is one available in manatee county.

School clinics paid by healthcare system – christus health?