Land Development Code Rewrite

  • Oct 22, 2013

We are listening! Manatee residents have expressed concern that the proposed changes to Manatee County’s Land Development Code may be too much, too soon. The County will take a step back with the draft to improve community outreach. Public comments from the previous draft will be retained and applied to these new and future drafts.

The new simpler draft was posted after the public work sessions were held with the Board and Planning Commission on March 4-7, 2014.

During the workshops, County staff and the project consultant walked through each of Phase I’s proposed changes which include organizational modifications to improve the usability of the Code, several “housekeeping” edits and updates necessary to address changes in Florida Statutes and other laws. There will be opportunity for public comment daily and additional opportunities in the future.

Staff hopes these changes and extension of the review process provides ample time for stakeholders to review and make comments prior to any advertised public hearings.

For the public, there will be a limited number of free paper copies of the proposed draft LDC rewrite available at the meeting. The information will be uploaded to this website as available (see below) and staff will provide CD’s with the proposed draft LDC rewrite that will also include the current LDC, Code of Ordinances, Public Works Engineering Standards Manuals, the draft Property Maintenance Code, etc. Bring your laptop if you want to follow along on your own. Some public seating will include tables. This is not an adoption hearing, so there will be ample time to review the information presented and background materials after the hearing with opportunities to comment after the work sessions.

Planning Commission, County Commission and public feedback from the March workshops will be included as part of a final draft of Phase I changes that will be presented to the County Attorney’s Office for review.

After the County Attorney’s Office has reviewed the proposed Phase I changes, they will be presented to the Planning Commission and County Commission for final consideration at future public hearings.

In the future, Phase II will propose more substantive changes to the LDC, Comprehensive Plan and other documents as part of separate public discussions at a future date. Phase II will include separate and multiple amendments broken down by topic to simplify the process.

Public comments may also be sent to which will be included in the project’s public record for future work sessions and hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners.

Land Development Code Rewrite

Image Land Development Code Rewrite
Powerpoint Presentation Consultant 1

 Powerpoint Presentation Consultant.pdf


The draft below will continue to evolve. The Board is providing comments daily and the below draft does not reflect many of the comments yet. A new draft will be forthcoming addressing this worksession comments.


Below are Chapters 1-10 of the LDC Rewrite Phase 1 (Clean, Stikethough and Comments for each chapter)