Land Development Regulations


Major Approved Updates

Manatee County has an Updated and Reorganized Land Development Code (LDC) which became effective on June 9, 2015. The former LDC is no longer in effect and has been repealed and replaced with the Amended and Restated Land Development Code (Ordinance 15-17). read on Major Approved Updates

Sign Code Update

Manatee County Building and Development Services, is currently revising Chapter 6 of the Land Development Code (LDC) to provide developers, business owners, and sign vendors an updated and concise interpretation of our sign regulations. This will also include an update of the LDC Chapter 2 sign type definitions. read on Sign Code Update

Pending Land Use Regulation Amendments

The County is in the process of updating many of its existing land development regulations in both its Land Development Code (LDC) and Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan).

The following are the subject matters currently under review:

Comp Plan & LDC Process Improvements
Accessory Dwelling Units
Sea Level Rise
read on Pending Land Use Regulation Amendments