Well Management Plan

  • Dorothy Rainey
Image Well Management Plan

Water wells are regulated by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). Manatee County upholds the requirements of SWFWMD through Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code policies that implement the regulations. During development review of a project, staff requires that the applicant identify existing wells by providing a Well Management Plan.


A Well Management Plan (WMP) is required with every site that contains at least one water well on-site. The WMP is required to contain the following information for each well: 1) digital photo of well along with nearby reference structures; 2) GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude); 3) methodology used to secure well during construction (e.g. fence, tape); 4) final disposition of well (i.e. used, capped or plugged).

Development Review staff requires the WMP with the review process and provides the plan to staff within the Natural Resources Department that deal with Well Permitting. They, in turn, check that the wells are properly permitted or that they are abandoned or plugged in accordance with SWFWMD requirements.


(Section 704 of the Land Development Code)