Wetland Protection

Image Wetland Protection

Wetland protection in Manatee County began with the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan in 1989 and the subsequent adoption of the Land Development Code.  All parcels created after the date of adoption are subject to Manatee County wetland protection policies.  The Comprehensive Plan consists of Goals, Objectives and Policies that guide the growth of the County, while the Land Development Code has specific technical criteria that must be met when development occurs.  The criteria must be met on all types of development from large scale Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) to Building Permits for single family homes and everything in between. Wetlands are also regulated by the State of Florida through either the Florida Department of Protection (FDEP) or one of the Water Management Districts.  Manatee County is located within the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). 


Manatee County does not have its own criteria for what constitutes as jurisdictional wetland.  Wetland locations and boundaries are determined through the Uniform Wetland Delineation Method (Chapter 62-340 F.A.C.) and approved by either the FDEP or SWFWMD.


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