Tree Protection

Image Tree Protection

Tree Preservation & Removal/Replacement for a development project is reviewed by the Environmental Review Section with assistance from the Urban Forestry (UF) Manager. In their review, staff assists the applicant with determining the highest quality trees to preserve within a development project and reviews proposed plant material on landscape plans to achieve the right plant or tree in the right place.

Often, both the reviewer and the UF Manager will meet with and assist the applicant with suggested species for specific planting situations. This is for the purpose of reducing future conflicts between proposed plantings and improvements.

Tree Preservation & Removal/Replacement is required to be addressed with development projects and is reviewed by the Environmental Review Section together with the Urban Forestry Manager. Separate Tree Removal Permits are required for existing developments and some residences where tree removal is desired and are reviewed by the Urban Forestry Manager, sometimes with assistance from development reviewers.

Section 700 of the Land Development Code